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How to solve ads.txt file uploaded but still showing an error in the AdSense

If you are facing problem in Blogger regarding ads.txt error or warning in your AdSense account even after you have successfully updated it then this post is for you. In this post I will tell you how to solve AdSense warning step by step in detail. If you want to solve it then read this article carefully. AdSense AdSense is one advertising platform which shows/serves automatic text, image, display or video ads. It is Google's service and it's rules are very strict. To earn money through AdSense we need to follow it's guideline. In Ads.txt file we need to add our publisher ID is one of its rule, otherwise it will impact bad on our earnings. What is Ads.txt? In Simple words it is mechanism for publishers to list their authorized digital sellers. In order to fight against fraud or misrepresented domains. This will help to protect you from unauthorized account, unknown account and fraud account ads placement on your website or blog. Ads.txt file is available for Google AdSense

How to delete sitemap from Bing webmaster

Adding sitemaps to Bing webmaster is best way to tell Bing search engine about your website and all of its URLs and newer updates available to your website or blog. But in some cases you want to delete the sitemap from Bing Webmaster just because your sitemap URL no longer working or it may be changed. Here are steps to quickly remove it. Steps: 1. Sign in to Bing webmaster here: 2. Go to Sitemaps. 2. Select Website you want to remove. And click on Delete at the right bottom. 3. Final popup will appear: " Are you sure you want to delete sitemaps ?" Then click on Delete . 4. Done!

How to remove a website or blog from the Google Search Console

Owner can remove property of their own list of websites. Similarly Users can also delete property from their own list. Removing property will have some effects: You will not get any notification for deleted property. You can not see any information regarding property and settings as well. Your message history for particular property will be saved. If you are owner of a property, then all the users of the property will lose the access to the property in Google Search Console or Google webmaster. Steps: 1. Login to your Google Search Console. 2. Go to settings or click on this link: Property setting page 3. Click on Search property . 4. Select website. 5. Scroll down and click on Remove Property . 6. A final popup will appear: click on remove property . 7. Done! Reference:

Weight loss myths you're falling for

Editors and Yahoo! health teamed up to pull your knowledge and attitudes about dropping kilos. We discovered many of you hold onto cherished but erroneous belief that could sabotage your effort to slim down. Myth: You believe exercise is your best weight loss weapon  Of those surveyed, 71% of adults agree that the best way to lose weight permanently is through exercise. Only 41% believe restricting calories is the best way. The truth : Exercise  alone leads to a very modest reduction in total body weight: less than 3%. To achieve effective weight loss, you have to pair exercise with the right diet plan. Myth: You think cardio exercise burns the most fat While  a healthy 71% of people who responded do cardio workouts, 56% believe cardio workouts burns the most fat. The truth : Doing aerobic exercise at the same intensity isn't nearly an effective at fighting fat creep as surprising your body with interval training or strength training. In one study, as few as three 11-minut of calor

12 delicious ways to release fat

After an exhaustive review of weight loss research, editors learnt a fascinating things: not all foods are created equal when it comes to shedding kilos. These 12 contenders seem t have special abilities to thwart your body's desire to hold on fat. Image by Racool_studio on Freepik Calcium Your mum told you to drink milk because calcium was good for your bones. What she may not have known is it also helps control your hunger. Research shows people who don't consume enough have a greater fat mass and less control of their appetite. Women under 50 (and men under 70) should aim for 1000mg a day. Over those ages? push your intake up to 1200mg if needed. Dairy Yes, dairy is an excellent source of calcium, but even more excitingly, studies have found that dairy sources of calcium are markedly more effective in accelerating fat loss than other sources. Researchers theorize that other ingredients in dairy act synergistically with the calcium. In one study from the university of Tenness

Help an accident victim!

The faster an accident victim is rushed to hospital, the greater his or her chances of survival. Do not worry about getting involved in legalities or about being harassed by the police, as feared by the army man in the story here. Legally, you can not be harassed for being the Good Samaritan in a road accident. The supreme Court of India has made this very clear following a 1989 public interest case (Parmanand katara vs. The Union of India) There will be no legal impediment on your part, whether you are an ordinary citizen, doctor, lawyer or policeman who happens to be connected with, or who happens to notice such an accident. Indeed, in 2004, the central ministry concerned with road transport and highways reiterated this in a circular to police chiefs in all states. Recently, Maharashtra went one step further when the state's home minister announced rewards of Rs.50,000 to 1.5 lakh for those who help accident victims, depending on the level of help provided. If you find an acciden

How to solve Blogger search widget error: This form is not secure Autofill has been turned off

In blogger if you are using very old template then it might be possible that you are using old widget as well. At that time blogger does not supported https. But now blogger supports https and you will get this error on search widget of your blog. This error mostly occurs in Google chrome  web-browser. Here are are steps to quickly resolve it by editing search widget. Steps: 1. Open blogger and login to your account. 2. Go to Layout. 3. Edit search widget. 4. Find your blog URL with HTTP . 5. Replace your Blog URL HTTP with HTTPS as shown in below image. Make sure you find your blog URL and replaced HTTP with HTTPS correctly. After update click on save and check your update on your blog.

Quotable quotes

We are cups, constantly and quietly filled. The trick is knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out. -Ray Bradbury That's the trust sign of insanity:Insane people are always sure they're just fine. It's only the sane people who are willing to admit they're crazy. -Nora Ephron There is after all, a kind of happiness in unhappiness, if it's the right unhappiness. -Jonathan Franzen Your time is limited, so don't waste it living some one else's life. -Steve Jobs Plans are worthless, but planning is everything. -Dwight D. Eisenhower You can't put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get. -Michael Phelps Sometimes I think that the one thing I love most about being an adult is the right to buy sweets wherever and whenever I want. -Ryan Gosling The only real currency in life is free time. -Measha Brueggergosman

How to combine similar emails in gmail

Google doesn't use folder saving method for organizing emails. Instead it depends on the labels that group email together with similar email addresses. You can locate all the emails with tagged label. This filter feature of Gmail lets you to apply same label to similar emails those from same sender. You can combine label and filter to easily group existing and future emails from an important sender. Steps: Step 1: Login to your email address. Step 2: Select/open an email you want to group together. Step 3: Select three dots on top of the opened email. Step 4: Click on " Filter messages like this " on menu. Step 5: Now verify automatically filled " From " entry that should be your sender's email address. Now click on " Create filter ". Step 6: Now Check on " Apply the label ", Create new one if you don't have any label. Now Check on " Also apply filter to matching conversations ". Now click on " Create Filter ". A

How to reset video watch in amazon prime

Amazon prime video is amazing entertainment website and provides rich contents of movies, documentary and seasons. When we are watching anything on prime video it also remembers the watch history as well as video watch history. In this context video watch history is different than video history. Video watch history means I am referring to last watched time and if you are watching seasons then no of season and episode. And as video history I am referring to your search history and recommendations based on that. Video search history stored permanently and it will grow as you watch the any videos on prime. courtesy How to reset video watch? There is no official method to reset your video watch because when you watch the any seasons it remembers the last season, video number and time you stopped watching. How ever there is one way to reset it is to do it manually in PC as well as on Mobile. I recommend do it on your personal computer or laptop . 1. Login to primevideo   2. Go to the season

A thought on youtube automatic video transfer to another channel

When I, first started my channel, I had no idea that one day it might be useful to monetize it. So as an enthusiastic I just created many HowTo tutorials and just uploaded without thinking about subscribers or likes. But as of now it matters, so channel separation was essential to make videos available to targeted groups of people. But one of the older method was to create entire new Gmail-email address and new channel!   Brand account: Create channel with business or other names But Now Google officially supports multiple channels within same login. So recently, I made a new channel from the same account formally known as “ Brand account ”. What is does, it allows user to make a new channel without changing the Email address. You can make up to 50 different YouTube channels within the same Email ID. Now I wanted to make automatic videos transfer, one to another by just switching channels. Here is the illustration of my Idea in below image:   Youtube video tranfer image

How to block dynamic urls by robots txt in blogger

URL structure in blogger is restricted feature. It can not be either modified or deleted, specially when it relates to post & page url. Post url has fixed date inclusion in every new article you write. Similarly Pages has pre-fixed /P/ inclusion in every new page you create in blog spot as shown in below examples. Example: Post permalink /2016/02/ how-to-remember-lengthy-texts-in-short.html Page permalink /p/ contact-us.html According to google's policy these permalink cant be changed by users, Unlike word-press it is default and prefixed. That is why it becomes biggest issue in terms of  SEO . However Unique article with date inclusion can generates good traffic but as far as i know after some time those websites articles without date will win. No matter how good you write or represent. Read more:  Optimize Blogger SEO by Choosing right meta description Read more: Basic Blogger SEO Tricks

How to play m4a audio files on Android smartphones

Android is versatile OS. That is why it is a leading  system in smartphone world. Ease of access, free and lot variety of applications makes it user's first choice. But in terms of different extensions, built in app cant able to access it. So there is need to use third party services. Even some common files and formats are not accessible in some devices like Samsung and LG. However, there are so many fixes available in communities and online forums. In most cases it will help to solve problem but those processes are so complex and some time not user friendly(for non-Tech users). In built apps will play most of your media files including MP4 , MP3 , AVI , 3GP  and some other popular formats. Some special formats Like WMA , MKV , OGG , .M4A, MOV  file extentions wont play without special drivers.  Luckily , Android can access those files without driver, through software processing . Audio Android can play almost audio files with built it app. Other apps like JetAudio ,

How to remember lengthy texts in short time - Brain hack

The week before external exam is very important to score good. In case of analytical problems there is no need to remember as it is, logic is important in this case. For theoretical contents, remember definitions, paragraph or whole essay is almost impossible in short time. However writing or speaking it multiple time will gives additional benefits but that will give headache. Take a look at web app named ' Memorize Now '  can possibly help you to remember long paragraphs in short amount of time. First you are required to past the text in the space provided. Then press the hit button, that will process it. First time the exact text will appear, so read it over and over again and try to remember it, after that click on the arrow " > " and there will be some word missing in the text provided. Try to recall that exact word and press arrow to process it again. Watch the full video to understand more. Read other interesting stuff - Best things to know T

Free Network monitor software for windows 10

Since release of Windows 8, Microsoft has decided to remove old widget utility from OS. Now new updated window 10 comes with inbuilt network speed meter. However for some user it isn't useful and handy tool like old one. Now days PC or laptops is useless without internet. Almost all home users can only afford economy internet plans Either 512kBps or 1mBps. Some professional purpose user need high speed plan with limited data usage. Especially when it come to deal with mobile internet 3g/4g connection,  it is necessary to control data usage. In windows 7, with widgets utility there were so many gadgets available to monitor network speed. But as we know for security purpose it has been completely removed from OS. In other words Windows 10 does not compatible with custom widgets anymore. But there is another best alternative available to monitor network speed in window 8 and 10. Networx free internet data usage monitoring tool NetWorx is free and simple tool that helps