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Whats New in Internet Explorer 10?

We know that people are confused for Web-browser.because there are many Web-browser s available on market. some are free and some costly. Introduction to IE-10. Now Microsoft recently launches Internet explorer 10 with improving web-browsing technology.If we talk about previous versions of IE 4,5,6 to 9 its not capable  to handle latest programming language that is why it crashed while loading page.Now in internet explorer 10  is launched with may fetchers improving performance for We-Browsing. 5 Reason to Use Internet Explorer-10. 1.Better reading Experience:- In IE-10 now its support latest web-design and it's provides better reading experience compare to previous version of IE.See how is it works. 2.Better response of Online Fonts: Now IE10 is capable to run many kinds of Online font so it is good for web designer .no need to make fallback function for IE. 3.Better Response of Advanced Web-Design : Now Internet Explorer 10 is capable t

Book of Robotics By R.K Mittal and-ij-nagrath

Robotics and control By R.K Mittal.  Robotics and control By R.K  Mittal and-ij-nagrath  : This book provided easy and throughout information about robotics and control, with help o descriptive formula and practice, student can gain power of robotics with help of MATLAB easily. Currently Ebook is not available at the moment but you can purchase it by clicking following link. BUY or Read Online:Robotics and control Free E-book  By R.K  Mittal and-ij-nagrath click to Read.

How to Integrate Facebook Open graph meta tags and twitter card properly on blogger for blogspot user

Open graph meta tags and twitter card is very important part of Blogger SEO . Just because now a days social networking websites are the one other sours of getting better traffic .That is why is is important to Integrate Facebook Open graph meta tags and twitter card properly. In blogger its is quit difficult to install OG meta tags and it will cause problem if OG meta tags are not correctly. Need of social meta-tags Whenever user share the links on social networking site, it will try to fetch description of your post article. This will helps user to understand about your post before clicking on it. below image will show you how Facebook generates the description about any web page. Default meta description tag will designed for web search engines, Thus if you try to post any url on social sites it will not able to generate proper description. To overcome this problem OG meta tags desperately used. For in case of blogger, to implement this thing you need to do some manua