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EBook Mechanical Vibrations Fifth Edition by S.S Rao PDF

Mechanical Vibration is core subject of Bachelor and master's degree in mechanical Engineering.There are many books available for vibration theory. This eBook covers all the fundamental and  theories very briefly. This is not free to  download . About Mechanical Vibrations by S.S Rao 5th edition This  book  covers all basic and fundamental topics, theories and example gratefully. In first chapter history of vibration and interesting facts covered very briefly, That could help reader to make interest in further theories and methods. Using computational Technics,  book represents theories, aspects and application of vibrations. All the theories covered  in very simple language as possible as.For engineers and other professionals who want a clear introduction to vibration engineering. Book information Title              Mechanical vibrations Volume        0 of Addison-Wesley series in mechanical engineering Author          S. S. Rao Edition          2, illustrated

LeEco Le1S at price Rs.10999 3GB RAM-2.2GHZ-Octacore-13MP | Android mobile phone review

LeEco(LETV) mobile company is new in Indian market. Originally china based company. But it is going to start with Smart phone with extraordinary features at affordable price. It seems like it will become best competitor to other china based company like MI. LeEco Le1S technical Specifications: Processor : Helio X10 2.2GHZ Octa-core x64 GPU : Power VR G6200 700MHZ RAM : 3GB Memory : N/A Display : 5.5 Inch Full HD 403ppi Battery : 3000 mAh SIM :  Dual 4G Camera : 13MP Rear 5MP Back Other : Fingerprint scanner OS : Android   Lollipop Its seems like phone built for powerful multitasking capability and to avoid Lag. But unless until we can not judge it without using it. It has 3GB of RAM that seems impressive and of course x64 based OS require much more ram then x86. Helio processor(Media Tek) is  one of the most used processor in market but 2.2 GHZ will defiantly give you impressive multitasking capability. Phone has 13MP rear camera with f2.0 aperture. And

Difference between Turbo C++ and Borland C++

Are you wondering why there is many programming environments available for C and C++ even both use same programming method and library?Yes, this comes in our mind when we are beginner. About Turbo C++ and Borland C++ Borland C++ is programming environment for Microsoft Windows. And it has better debugger. Turbo C is also programming environment, originally developed in 1994. It has very basic and introductory IDE. Turbo C++ was made for MS-DOS. It can generate both COM and EXE files. Read more: History of Turbo C++ History of Borland C++ Key difference between Turbo C++ And Borland C++ Both are programming environments and designed to make C programs/Algorithms. Borland c is flavor of C++ programming provided by a software company BORLAND. Both languages are same except the compiler and linking of the languages. Minor difference in syntaxes. Turbo c is the first language that made for DOS . And borland launched after turbo c for DOS command line. Turbo c and Bor