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SEO optimized robots.txt configuration for blogger

Robots.txt is the configuration text file with couple of commands to take control over web content sharing with web crawlers. The robots exclusion protocol is created to instruct robots or web crawlers like google-bot and Bingbot for how to access and index pages from particular site. Generally, for personal website owner(i.e word press) needs to place this file in main or top level directory. Example: robots.txt Read more about: Best Example ROBOTS.TXT Generated by For blogger users, By default this files has been placed in root directory. To access it user needs to Enable it manually by change in settings. Steps to Enable Robots.txt file in blogger Step 1. Login to your account and go to settings . Step 2. Click on Edit and configure your commands. Step 3. Click on save changes Optimized ROBOTS.TXT file  Wrong setting may affect your whole website or even may be ignored by search engines. So it is necessary to k

How to play m4a audio files on Android smartphones

Android is versatile OS. That is why it is a leading  system in smartphone world. Ease of access, free and lot variety of applications makes it user's first choice. But in terms of different extensions, built in app cant able to access it. So there is need to use third party services. Even some common files and formats are not accessible in some devices like Samsung and LG. However, there are so many fixes available in communities and online forums. In most cases it will help to solve problem but those processes are so complex and some time not user friendly(for non-Tech users). In built apps will play most of your media files including MP4 , MP3 , AVI , 3GP  and some other popular formats. Some special formats Like WMA , MKV , OGG , .M4A, MOV  file extentions wont play without special drivers.  Luckily , Android can access those files without driver, through software processing . Audio Android can play almost audio files with built it app. Other apps like JetAudio ,