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what's app Download(java-jar-jad)-offline installer-java version

what's app (java jar-jad)-offline installer. WhatsApp Messenger  offers you a way to send text messages over 3G or WiFi without paying for SMS charges. This version of WhatsApp Messenger is designed for Nokia S40 devices, although it's still in beta and currently only runs on the Nokia C3  and  X2-01 . In order to use WhatsApp Messenger for S40, you need to make sure that the person you want to send messages to  also has WhatsApp installed  on their device, though it should work regardless of which operating system they are using. Configuring and using WhatsApp Messenger is very simple, thanks to a straightforward user interface. The chat window is attractive and permits clear viewing of messages. Features in WhatsApp Messenger are somewhat limited in comparison to other messaging applications, however, and it's lacking tools for group conversations, or file sharing at the moment. Still, WhatsApp Messenger makes for a great way to save money on SMS charges on yo

what's app s40-what's app s40(offline-installer)-Nokia C3-00 · Nokia C3-01 · Nokia X2-01 · Nokia X3-02 · Nokia X2-00 Nokia Asha: 201 · 300 · 302 · 303 · 306 · 311

what's app s40 -what's app s40(offline-installer) Minimum requirements: Unlimited data plan! Nokia Series 40 phone. Supported devices: Nokia C3-00 · Nokia C3-01 · Nokia X2-01 · Nokia X3-02 · Nokia X2-00 Nokia Asha: 201 · 300 · 302 · 303 · 306 · 311 Note:  Sponser ad is Enable Wait 5 Second then click Skip Ad     Click Here for online  Installer.   Click Here to download to your Nokia Device.   what's app s40-what's app s40(offline-installer) Read more... s40offline.html


NFS SHIFT HD FULL VERSION FREE FOR ANDROID -NEED FOR SPEED Shift v2.0.29 Full Android-P2P  Description:  PLAY NEED FOR SPEED SHIFT ON YOUR ANDROID DEVICE! Drive the world’s fastest cars and enjoy some of the highest performance racing action ever seen on Android. Features: Drive 20 cars. Experience the sweeping skylines of 18 tracks. Fine tune performance with Top Speed, Acceleration, Tires, Suspension, and Nitrous upgrades. Quick Race or dominate the circuit in Career Mode Release name:  NEED FOR SPEED Shift v2.0.29 Full Android-P2P One of the best 3D game for your android device...The game include many super cars including lamborghini Gallardo, Murcielago, Pagani Zonda, BMW M3 GT2....Different types of races, including drifting is packed in nfs shift... Please note that, the After you install the apk file, you will need to download about 80MB of data file... So better use wifi for downloading... Size : 96 MB Download:-

Use your Nokia Mobile as a PC Webcam

Use your Nokia Mobile as a PC Webcam For Use your Nokia Mobile as a PC Webcam You Need Following Procedure. 1.   Install Nokia Ovi Suite from Nokia website. 2.   Install EpocCam Symbian application from Nokia Ovi Store. 3.   Install EpocCam Windows drivers from here The same drivers work for both Lite and Pro versions. 4.   Connect USB cable between your phone and PC. 5.   On phone choose connection mode "PC Suite" if asked. 6.   Start EpocCam application on your phone. 7.   Start EpocCam Viewer or any other webcam-enabled application on your PC. To verify functionality you can use EpocCam Test Application. This application can be started from Start Menu -> Programs -> EpocCam -> EpocCam Test. Remember to quit EpocCam Test application before using EpocCam with other applications as only one application can use camera at a time. By-Mehul Solanki


FLASH MENUS AND THEMES IN SONY ERICSSON PHONES(Flash-V3) How to use Flash menus in Sony Ericsson phones ? 1.Download  flash themes   2.It has two components and swf file and a thm file 3.Place the .swf files in  tpa/preset/system/desktop/flash 4.Transfer the .thm files to memory card/themes and Apply  the .thm file  For More Click Here... sony-ericsson-cedar-flash-menu Note: Sponser ad is Enable Wait 5 Second then click Skip Ad  

Nokia Monitor Test Monitor Test helps you adjust your monitor to your needs )

Nokia Monitor Test helps you adjust your monitor to your needs Nokia Monitor Test bundles a collection of small utilities that aim to detect the performance of CRT monitors. It’s useful especially when you want to compare two or more different monitors. Nokia Monitor Test verifies one of the most important monitor properties such as sharpness, geometry, convergence, focus, readability, etc. For optimum results, two major conditions need to be fulfilled before you start using the application: warm up the monitor for about 20-30 minutes then demagnetize it.  Once you’ve completed these steps, you can proceed with launching the program. Since it's so small, the Nokia Monitor Test doesn't require installation, but just a quick extraction. How does it work? You simply put up the test pattern, and then adjust your monitor accordingly. If you know nothing about these technical aspects but you're interested in learning and understanding them, then look in the

singapore airline girls.

Singapore airline HOT girls pictures. 

New-Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines Singapore Airlines Singapore Airlines logo Singapore Airlines Limited (SIA) (Malay: Syarikat Penerbangan Singapura; Chinese: 新加坡航空公司; pinyin: Xīnjiāpō Hángkōng Gōngsī, abbreviated 新航; Tamil: சிங்கப்பூர் வான்வழி) (SGX: C6L) is the flag carrier airline of Singapore. Singapore Airlines operates a hub at Changi Airport and has a strong presence in the Southeast Asia, East Asia, South Asia, and "Kangaroo Route" markets. The company also operates trans-Pacific flights, including the world's two longest non-stop commercial flights from Singapore to Newark and Los Angeles on the Airbus A340-500.[5][6] Singapore Airlines was the launch customer of Airbus A380, currently the world's largest passenger aircraft. SIA has diversified airline-related businesses, such as aircraft handling and engineering. Its wholly owned subsidiary, SilkAir, manages regional flights to secondary cities with smaller capacity requirements. Subsidiary Singapore Airline

emirates airlines interior-Emirates (airline)

emirates airlines interior emirates airlines interior Emirates (Arabic: طَيَران الإمارات‎ DMG: Ṭayarān al-Imārāt) is an airline based at Dubai International Airport in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is the largest airline in the Middle East, operating over 2,500 flights per week,[1][2] from its hub at Terminal 3, to 122 cities in 72 countries across six continents.[3] The company also operates four of the world's ten longest non-stop commercial flights from Dubai to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, and Houston.[4][5][6] Emirates is a subsidiary of The Emirates Group, which has over 50,000 employees, and is wholly owned by the government of Dubai directly under the Investment Corporation of Dubai.[7] Cargo activities are undertaken by the Emirates Group's Emirates SkyCargo division.[8] During the mid-1980s, Gulf Air began to cut back its services to Dubai. As a result Emirates was conceived in March 1985 with backing from Dubai's royal family, whose Dubai Royal

Qatar Airways Interior

Qatar Airways Interior History Airbus A300-600RF Cargo at Doha International Airport Qatar Airways Boeing 747SR at Gatwick Airport in 1996. Qatar Airways was established on 22 November 1993. The airline started its operations on January 20, 1994 using a wet-leased Boeing 767-200ER from Kuwait Airways. It was originally owned privately by members of the royal family of Qatar. Then it was re-launched in 1997, under a new management team. Currently, the government of Qatar holds 50% stake in the airline with the rest held by private investors. On 24 March 1997, Qatar Airways took possession of its first Airbus A300-600 aircraft on lease from AWAS in new Qatar Airways livery. On 1 February 1999, it took delivery of its first new Airbus A320 aircraft (A7-ABR) on lease from Singapore Aircraft Leasing Enterprise (SALE). In May 2002, the Government of Qatar withdrew from Gulf Air. At that time fast-growing Qatar Airways had 21 aircraft.[5] On 10 May 2003, Qatar Ai

HongKong flights.

HongKong flights HongKong flights HongKong flights HongKong flights HongKong flights HongKong flights HongKong flights HongKong flights HongKong flights HongKong flights HongKong flights HongKong flights HongKong flights HongKong flights HongKong flights HongKong flights HongKong flights HongKong flights HongKong flights

List of airports in Hong Kong

List of airports in Hong Kong List of airports and heliports in Hong Kong . Also see Category:Airports in Hong Kong, Category:Heliports in Hong Kong and List of airports by ICAO code: VH Hong Kong  has become an international transportation hub of cargo and passengers soon after 1841. In air transport, Hong Kong International Airport acts as a major international hubs for both passenger and cargo. There are several  airports  and heliports for military and other civil purposes. Helipads are commonly found in Hong Kong especially in large government buildings Airports Location ICAO   IATA   Airport name Current Airports Chek Lap Kok VHHH HKG Hong Kong International Airport Shek Kong VHSK Shek Kong Airfield (PLA Air Force, Formerly RAF Sek Kong) Former Airports Kowloon City /  Kowloon Bay VHHH HKG Kai Tak Airport (former Hong Kong Int'l, closed 6/7/1998) Kai Tak VHKT RAF Kai Tak (closed) Sha Tin Sha Tin Airfield (former RAF Shatin, closed 1970s)

UK's Plymouth airport to close.

UK's Plymouth airport to close UK's Plymouth airport to close UK's Plymouth airport to close Plymouth City Airport  (IATA:  PLH , ICAO:  EGHD ) was an airport located within the City of Plymouth 3.5 NM (6.5 km; 4.0 mi) north northeast of the city centre in Devon, England at Roborough. The airport opened on this site in 1925 and was officially opened by the future Edward VIII, as Prince of Wales, in 1931. The airport is located close to the city centre and has a modern terminal. The airport is owned by Sutton Harbour Holdings, a Plymouth based company, on land leased from Plymouth City Council. In 2009, 157,933 passengers passed through the airport, a sharp increase of 34.0% on the 2008 total of 117,823 making Plymouth one of the only UK airports experiencing significant growth during the period. [2]  However, following the withdrawal of London flights in early 2011, the airport's owners said passenger totals had fallen to fewer than 100 a day. The London Sto

Munich Airport.

Munich Airport Munich Airport (IATA: MUC, ICAO: EDDM) (German: Flughafen München), is an international airport located 28.5 km (17.7 mi) northeast of Munich, Germany, and is a hub for Lufthansa and Star Alliance partner airlines. It lies near the old city of Freising and is named in memory of politician Franz Josef Strauss. The airport is located on the territory of four different municipalities: Oberding (location of the terminals; district of Erding), Hallbergmoos, Freising and Marzling (district of Freising). Between 1995 and 2006, passenger numbers doubled from under 15 million per annum to over 30 million, despite the impact of the September 11 attacks in 2001 and 2002. In 1996, the airport overtook Düsseldorf as Germany’s second busiest airport and currently handles almost twice as many passengers as the country’s third busiest airport. However Berlin is expected to catch up once operational as the city's single airport in 2013. Munich Airport serves as Lufthansa’s seco


ExpressJet ExpressWho? ExpressJet is the surprising tenth entry on the list of biggest airlines in North America based on passenger numbers. If there is any doubt that regional airlines rule some altitudes of the North American skies, well this list shows how dominant regional carriers are. ExpressJet will be folded in with Skywest as its subsidiary - Atlantic Southeast Airlines - has recently merged with ExpressJet. ExpressJet has flown regionally under the Continental Airlines banner. ExpressJet

Air Canada Info - Information About Air Canada

Air Canada Info - Information About Air Canada Founded in 1937, Air Canada was originally known as TCA - Trans Canada Airlines. Although it has been a private company since the 1980s, it was previously owned by the government as a crown corporation. Headquarters and Main Hub: Air Canada has its headquarters in Montreal. Its main hub is Lester Pearson International Airport in Toronto. Its other major hubs are in Montreal and Vancouver. Official Website: Phone Number: In Canada and the U.S. - #888-AIRCANADA(247-2262) Major Crashes and Incidents: Air Canada's most notorious incident is known as the Gimli Glider, for a flight in 1983. Halfway through its flight between Montreal and Edmonton, AC143 (on a Boeing 767) ran out of fuel. The fuel shortage resulted from an error using conversions to the metric system. After running out of fuel in the air, and with no power and no fuel, the pilots safely glided the aircraft at Gimli, a former military a

American Airlines Info - Information About American Airlines

American Airlines Info - Information About American Airlines In 1939, the predecessor of US Airways was established. All American Aviation Company served Ohio, and the name change to US Air came in 1979, with US Airways being the most recent name change in 1996. US Airways merged with America West in 2005. Headquarters and Main Hub: Currently, US Airways is headquarted in Arizona, with its main hubs being Charlotte, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Philadelphia. Official Website: Phone Number: phone number #800-428-4322 Frequent Flyer and Global Alliance: Dividend Miles is the frequent flyer program of US Airways. They are a member of Star Alliance. Frequent flyer info Major Crashes / Incidents: US Airways most fatal crash took place in September 1994. Enroute from Chicago to West Palm Beach, with a stop in Pittsburgh, there was a sudden loss of control of the aircraft upon approach in Pittsburgh. The airplane took a nosedive and crashed into the grou