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How to combine similar emails in gmail

Google doesn't use folder saving method for organizing emails. Instead it depends on the labels that group email together with similar email addresses. You can locate all the emails with tagged label. This filter feature of Gmail lets you to apply same label to similar emails those from same sender. You can combine label and filter to easily group existing and future emails from an important sender. Steps: Step 1: Login to your email address. Step 2: Select/open an email you want to group together. Step 3: Select three dots on top of the opened email. Step 4: Click on " Filter messages like this " on menu. Step 5: Now verify automatically filled " From " entry that should be your sender's email address. Now click on " Create filter ". Step 6: Now Check on " Apply the label ", Create new one if you don't have any label. Now Check on " Also apply filter to matching conversations ". Now click on " Create Filter ". A