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An eccentric way to make your Android smartphone Faster.

Here I'm going to share an eclectic Tips to make your Android Smart phone faster than never before.Google tried to make android OS user friendly as possible as.but more facility means more programs to be installed on phone.So that each any every new application make your phone awesome but another crucial thing is that will also slowdown your phone. Because some application running in background every time,Even though you restart your phone these applications automatically start and again start running in background and it will also drain your battery too. These applications uses more RAM and also decrease your battery performance.every application need some of memory from RAM to continue run some processes.If you have low-end Device with 512B RAM you can feel that your phone may be laggs every time and it will restrict you to play some games or use third party apps.Sometime the device itself use more that half of your total RAM memory.and rest of the memory you can able to use