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best way for password security.

Password that secure you and your money: Every day we heard that keep your password strong and unique.change it at some interval of time like few months or days.Its not possible for everyone to change it every time.When i  knew that almost 75% face book and twitter user use their mobile number as password!and its not to hard to get your username. :p More unique More secure: If you think that unique means someone's name birthday or etc i.e" im1234, 143im".but you are wrong.unique means it may not realistic ie "asd769#","oij5432$#".So now get back on point ,How to make secure  and unique password? Well it is not  lengthy process.Just close your eyes and type anything on your keyboard.and make one one unique character after or before your password like @,$,!,%. Are you too lazy?? its very boring that think about unique and it will also make headache on your head!!!. So try best password generator will generate any random and strong pass

bubble in screen protector

For first time (New and Fresh screen protector). Applying a screen protector can sometimes seem like a daunting task, but if you follow these easy steps, you?ll have that screen protected and looking fine. Step 1 ? Get into a dust-free environment Step 2 ? Peel off the screen protector Step 3 ? Line up your screen protector with your phone Step 4 ? Squeeze out the bubbles Take a card (Bankcard, business card) and push any bubbles to an edge to clear the air. Don?t worry about scratching the screen protector as there is still one more layer to peel off. Once all the bubbles are gone, slowly peel the second layer off with the tab. Be careful not to pull too hard initially so not to disturb the screen protector. Is there any bubble or Dust?  try this. It is a little known fact that *most* of the screen protectors are completely washable. The "sticky" side wont wash off or smear or in any way ruin. 1. Peel it off 2. Run under water and use your hand to remov

Chitika 2014-Really Best Alternative to Adsense and

Its most important thing for blogger and website publisher that how much they really earn from their website. Its necessary to choose best advertiser company that give sufficient earning to their publisher according to website's daily traffic and Article. Everyone know about adsense but the one thing about adsense is that sometimes they can't approve a/c even your website may fully follow their criteria. So its very hard to get approved for new blogger and specially whose from Asian countries. Now i would like to introduce chitika publisher program. chitia is one of the best alternative to adsense. chitika is really very good for new bloggers. Pay per Click Now its also most important thing that ppc rate of any online advertising company. tomorrow i was amazed by chitika,s ppc was $1 per one click!!!! Proof How to Join chitika? There no much process for joining chitika publisher program.just fill the form and your website is under review for one or two d

10 wifi hacking apps for your android phone.

Are you finding some hack for your school/college restricted wifi ? You might be interested in how to obtain password id to login in to restricted wifi from your android device. Here is some most popular app which can able to do it for you, some of apps are just prank to show off to your friends and some are really working. 1.WiFi Password Hacker PRO Wifi Hacker is a prank app that simulates obtaining passwords and cracking routers. It does so using automated task that pretend to hack wireless networks. Pretending to be a hacker in front of your friends was never so fun! It is free and easy to use. 2.Hack Wifi Password Prank Description hack WiFi password prank is here! The best joke tool to fool your friends or coworkers. This is not a real Wifi Hacker! It's only made for prank! However it scans list of available wireless networks around and shows which one are protected which are not. Shows what security level is set. Whether it is weak WEP or stronger WPA.

The Google File System Part-4

8. RELATED WORK Like other large distributed file systems such as AFS [5], GFS provides a location independent namespace which enables data to be moved transparently for load balance or fault tolerance. Unlike AFS, GFS spreads a file’s data across storage servers in a way more akin to xFS [1] and Swift [3] in order to deliver aggregate performance and increased fault tolerance. As disks are relatively cheap and replication is simpler than more sophisticated RAID [9] approaches, GFS currently uses only replication for redundancy and so consumes more raw storage than xFS or Swift. In contrast to systems like AFS, xFS, Frangipani [12], and Intermezzo [6], GFS does not provide any caching below the file system interface. Our target workloads have little reuse within a single application run because they either stream through a large data set or randomly seekwith in it and read small amounts of data each time. Some distributed file systems like Frangipani, xFS, Minnesota’s GFS[11] and GPF

The Google File System Part-3

4.5 Stale Replica Detection  Chunkrep licas may become stale if a chunkserver fails and misses mutations to the chunkwh ile it is down. For each chunk, the master maintains a chunk version number to distinguish between up-to-date and stale replicas. Whenever the master grants a new lease on a chunk, it increases the chunkv ersion number and informs the up-todate replicas. The master and these replicas all record the new version number in their persistent state. This occurs before any client is notified and therefore before it can start writing to the chunk. If another replica is currently unavailable, its chunkv ersion number will not be advanced. The master will detect that this chunkserver has a stale replica when the chunkserver restarts and reports its set of chunks and their associated version numbers. If the master sees a version number greater than the one in its records, the master assumes that it failed when granting the lease and so takes the higher version to be up-to-date

The Google File System Part-2

2.6.2 Chunk Locations  The master does not keep a persistent record of which chunkservers have a replica of a given chunk. It simply polls chunkservers for that information at startup. The master can keep itself up-to-date thereafter because it controls all chunkpl acement and monitors chunkserver status with regular HeartBeat messages. We initially attempted to keep chunk location information persistently at the master, but we decided that it was much simpler to request the data from chunkservers at startup, and periodically thereafter. This eliminated the problem of keeping the master and chunkservers in sync as chunkservers join and leave the cluster, change names, fail, restart, and so on. In a cluster with hundreds of servers, these events happen all too often. Another way to understand this design decision is to realize that a chunkserver has the final word over what chunks it does or does not have on its own disks. There is no point in trying to maintain a consistent view of t