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bubble in screen protector

For first time (New and Fresh screen protector).

Applying a screen protector can sometimes seem like a daunting task, but if you follow these easy steps, you?ll have that screen protected and looking fine.

Step 1 ? Get into a dust-free environment

Step 2 ? Peel off the screen protector

Step 3 ? Line up your screen protector with your phone

Step 4 ? Squeeze out the bubbles

Take a card (Bankcard, business card) and push any bubbles to an edge to clear the air. Don?t worry about scratching the screen protector as there is still one more layer to peel off.

Once all the bubbles are gone, slowly peel the second layer off with the tab. Be careful not to pull too hard initially so not to disturb the screen protector.

Is there any bubble or Dust?  try this.

It is a little known fact that *most* of the screen protectors are completely washable. The "sticky" side wont wash off or smear or in any way ruin.

1. Peel it off
2. Run under water and use your hand to remove lint, dirt specs, smudges ect.
3. Hold by the corner tightly (little as possible) with an absorbant towel and shake vigorously in front of a fan or air purifier (better) until completly dry.
NOTE. Slowly air drying will leave water spots from impurities in the water. Purified water may solve this problem.
4. clean screen
5. reapply protector CAREFULLY THIS TIME!!!
6. and, repeat if necessary for perfect clean lay.

i got success in 8 try!!!! Best of luck for You.