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How to block dynamic urls by robots txt in blogger

URL structure in blogger is restricted feature. It can not be either modified or deleted, specially when it relates to post & page url. Post url has fixed date inclusion in every new article you write. Similarly Pages has pre-fixed /P/ inclusion in every new page you create in blog spot as shown in below examples. Example: Post permalink /2016/02/ how-to-remember-lengthy-texts-in-short.html Page permalink /p/ contact-us.html According to google's policy these permalink cant be changed by users, Unlike word-press it is default and prefixed. That is why it becomes biggest issue in terms of  SEO . However Unique article with date inclusion can generates good traffic but as far as i know after some time those websites articles without date will win. No matter how good you write or represent. Read more:  Optimize Blogger SEO by Choosing right meta description Read more: Basic Blogger SEO Tricks