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Python Vs C++ | Will python can be used as alternative of C++

Python is handy tool nowadays in this fastest growing scientific world. In all field of science and technology uses hardware and software integration to develop and test ideas or innovate something. This could be the main reason that why everyone talk so much about different computer languages. So for computer geeks it will easy to understand core difference between different languages. courtesy But for beginners, it is hard to choose which language is best , because every language has its own purpose and advantages. For example if mechanical student want to implement some equation or algorithm then it can be implemented in all most all computer languages. Here are some factors that beginners consider to choose particular language. Factors that considered by beginners to choose computer language 1. Based on syntax structure 2. Organization preference [if school/college uses any particular one] 3. Availability of technical helps and tutorials 4. Inspired by someone

72 obscure Sci-Fi movies that you might have missed to watch

Are you a fan of sci-fi movies? Wondering which movies i have been missed to watch? Then here is the list of 72 little known sci-fi movies that you might have missed to watch. Link 1.The Giver (2014) 2.The Signal (2014) 3.Divergent (2014) 4.If I Stay (2014) 5.Jupiter Ascending (2015) 6.Time Lapse (2014) 7.Circle (II) (2015) 8.Exam (2009) 9.Creep (I) (2014) 10.Parallels (2015) 11.Hidden (I) (2015) 12.Coherence (2013) 13.Triangle (2009) 14.Cube (1997) 15.Timecrimes (2007)  16.Identity (2003) 17.The Man from Earth (2007) 18.Primer (2004) 19.I Origins (2014) 20.Another Earth (2011) 21.Sound of My Voice (2011) 22.The East (2013) 23.Disconnect (I) (2012) 24.The Company You Keep 25.The Arrival  26.Battle Beyond the Stars  27.A Boy and his Dog  28.Brazil  29.Dark Star  30.The Day The Earth Stood Still  31.Disaster In Time  32.Fahrenheit 451  33.The Hidden  34.Mystery Science Theater 3000 - the Movie  35.Not Of This Earth  36.Repo Man  37.Retroac

What is wifi USB pendrive and how it will expand your mobile phone's storage

Android becomes most popular in today's market just because of its ease of access and wide availability of utility applications that helps you to make your life more easier. But unlike old java based mobile phones, Android application take more storage space. HD videos, movies and thousands of music tracks become common in smartphones. Taking picture with more than 8MP camera require nearly 3MB storage space per image. 3 Minutes of full HD video can take more than 1GB of space of your smartphone and more and more......... After all this, storage space becomes most necessary thing to worry. But how can you manage it ? 16GB, 32GB memory card will give you some advantage but still you need external storages. Whats is wireless Pendrive? As name suggest the pen-drive that does not require wire or any physical connection. You just need to plug that device to your laptop or PC for an hour, And let it be charged. while in charging you can still take advantage of it just as norm