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Python Vs C++ | Will python can be used as alternative of C++

Python is handy tool nowadays in this fastest growing scientific world. In all field of science and technology uses hardware and software integration to develop and test ideas or innovate something. This could be the main reason that why everyone talk so much about different computer languages. So for computer geeks it will easy to understand core difference between different languages.


But for beginners, it is hard to choose which language is best, because every language has its own purpose and advantages. For example if mechanical student want to implement some equation or algorithm then it can be implemented in all most all computer languages. Here are some factors that beginners consider to choose particular language.

Factors that considered by beginners to choose computer language

1. Based on syntax structure
2. Organization preference [if school/college uses any particular one]
3. Availability of technical helps and tutorials
4. Inspired by someone/something

Ok! up to this level it ok what we think, believe and feel about it. But when it comes to performance, costing it is necessory to choose particular one.

Here is the most commonly used computer languages in universities.
  1. 1.Python
  2. 2.C
  3. 3.C++
  4. 4.Java
  5. 5.C#
Mostly used languages & tools for non-computer branches
  1. 1.Python
  2. 2.C
  3. 3.C++
  4. 4.Matlab
  5. 5.Labview

Now come to the point. Which is best either C++ or Python
Unlike C, C++ has more functionality and its object oriented. C++ has some additional advantages and improved syntax like Cin,Cout,that makes it more easy and interactive.

In python prefered as most useful tool to teach beginners about logics and basics of programming. Of Course nowadays it is also prefered as primary language in some fields.

Benefits of python over C++

  • Easiest
  • Best for beginner
  • Best for mathematics
  • No need to waste the time on Syntax


  • Not good in case of performance
  • Not prefered in graphic programing
  • Cross platform issues

Some technical comparisons

Computer language is just tool to implement our ideas and Imaginations. Every language is designed to propose and overcome some technical situation. Every one has its own opinion and point of view. Instead of confusing just try and feel it your self. Choose by yourself which one is best and why.

Happy New Year 2016!