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How to solve 404 error on without(non) www custom domain | Blogger

Blogger is now available for full customization and you can use sub-domain with blogspot or you can use your own domain from any other domain provider. Up to this all is well, you can use your domain/subdomain instead of BLOGSPOT .com according to instructions given by Google. When you type your domain name with it works fine but if you tried without www it will give 404 error .As shown blow image. Solution for your non www custom domain: Step 1. Go to Bogger>> Setting > Basic . Click on Edit . Step 2 Tick on Redirect to . Click on save. That's it!! If still any problem happens go to your domain domain provider website. Recheck your A Name records .It should be look like below image. There should be only three google IPs  no any other, It will create problem on domain forwarding and still you get 404 error.Remove all other ip and click save or update. Tags:

Teen Patti Unlimited Chips for android | No Root

Teen Patti – Indian Poker may be a game of cards, wherever you'll play with folks all round the world, a similar as Zynga Poker, this game offers you skilled expertise of enjoying cards. every Table will solely have up-to five players and therefore the rule square measure same, Winning a hand depends upon the cards you get and moves that you just play. usually the player that has the most effective hand wins.  you'll play this game offline with Bots and if you wish to play on-line you have got to attach with Facebook and play together with your friends over there. With This Version Of Modded APK you'll Get Unlimited Chips As Shown within the

Know Best Adsense alternative 2014 with earning proof | Case study

Adsense is one of the best way to make money online.With adsense i earned $1 daily with only 1000 unique visitor.But getting approved is one of hardest for thing for it.They do not provide adsense in Asian countries like India, Pakistan, there are some terms and condition.Even though your website fulfill all the condition still it is possible you can not approved.Similar way is only approve website with huge amount of traffic from USA, CANADA. Then i finding about alternatives There so many other online advertising program, but you can not earn as per your expectation .Because most of they pay only $0.01 per click and some time $0.0 :(. Case study: Here i'm gonna show you some interesting things about adsense alternative with case study.I'm using Infolinks,Chitika and Yllixmedia advertising simultaneously.The thing behind this is you can earn from all there networks not only single income . Infolinks: Infolinks is not traditional advertising platform, thei

300+ Free online SEO tools forever

SEO is the most important thing considered now days. Millions of articles daily published on millions websites. It is complex to identify which one is good and best. Search engines preferred only for those sites which is well optimized. There are so may paid tools available if you are lazy then you can use it by single click. But if you don't want to pay then you can do all the work by manually or using online tools which are available for free. All SEO tools and its importance Following tools are available here Backlink Checker Find out percentage of total backlinks. Link instrument Analyze incoming and outgoing links. Link Extractor Extract all links from the desired domain. Link quality Checker Check the amount of links inform to the web site. Link Suggestion Generator Generate links that relate to the keyword/topic. Multiple Backlink Checker View the amount of backlinks found in search. No-Follow Finder Scan a web site to

How to prevent your contacts to being synchronized on Android | Google

Android is most popular and User friendly OS for smart phones, provides all the facility and Ease o access. But there is still objection about Security . Because it is opensource and every can view and edit source code, to hijack your smart phone and steal your data. But when i wondering about security of smart phone then it will impossible to prevent you to being hacked, because most of time it was a conman mistake or general awareness or just common sense. Whatever, But I don't want to sync my contact on Google What to do: See, ultimately Android is Google OS. They have power and they used it. There is no such official trick  to do that.But ya, you can try some tricks but it may required your phone must be Rooted . Try this i founded it from internet, 1. On your phone, go to "Settings". 2. Look for "Data Synchronization" or "Accounts & Sync". 3. Select your Google account. 4. Uncheck "Contacts". OK, but I've Bla

How to delete Internet Explorer history

Internet Explorer is free and built in with your windows. Internet explorer not so good as compare to other popular browser but it can be useful if you have recently installed new OS . Previous version's performance was not as accepted, there were so many issues,bugs. Now on window 7 or 8 the latest version of internet explorer provided with new purchased PC/Laptop.And for old there are new update available called as IE11 .And this IE10 or IE11 provides new web browsing experience.And of course it is much faster then previews one. One thing you have noticed that there is no option for clearing web history that you recently browsed. This web history creates offline Catch/Data that will takes some space of your hard disk every time every day.And this will cause your computer slower. You can remove it and clean your computer manually with following easy step. Remove Internet Explorer History manually [Notice: This trick is works only for new version IE10 and I

An Automatic machine | was developed in 1860

James Nasmyth was the last of the great man of the Industrial Revolution. In future, as the machines themselves become more and more complicated, developments of machines would be made by many companies rather than by individual man. Much of this work took place in America, probably because there were not so many skilled men available for work as in Britain, so machines had to take the place of man. The american firm of Brown and Sharpe was one of the leaders. The specially shaped milling cutter was one of their development. Just a whitworth had the idea of standard  nut and bolts, so Brown and Sharpe brought in this idea of standard thickness of wire and sheet metal. They also developed new types of grinding machines. The firm was also famous for the milling machine. It was called a universal machine because the clever design of the work holder made it possible to cut metal at any angle. The knee carrying the work table, with up and down adjustment, was also great improvement. It

Machine Tools | 1800-1880

By the time of  James Nasmyth's retirement in 1852 , all the basic type of machine tool in use today had been invited -lathes shaping and planning machines, milling machines and grinders . Source The illustration shows how each of this is used to shape a piece of metal. A lot has been said already about the lathe, since this was developed first. The lathe shown was mad in about 1880 . It was four pulley wheels of different sizes, to very the speed of work piece, which is driven by the head and supported at the other end by the tail stock . The slid which hold the cutting tool can be move along the bed by hand or by means of leadscrew .It can be moved at right angle to the bed by hand. The back gear enable the speed of the leadscrew to be altered so that different types of screw threads can be cut. The first planning machine was mad by Richard Roberts, who mad worked for Maudslay, in 1817 .  The one shown, made in 1884, is very little different from one produced by Wh