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How To Hide Blog Description on Blogger Blogs

Hi! I Just Found Solution of Hide the description on new blogger templates. here is the method to hide the description on header. Search engines use the title and Blog description tags when indexing Blogs, hence both are very important for search Engine Optimization. Hence, you must make sure you make very good use of them. However if you are not using a picture as your blog header, you might want to hide your blog description from showing in your blog header. You can easily do this, while the blog description still remains visible to search engines. Method:1.  Log in  to your blog and select the blog you want to work on. Go to  Template   ==> C ustomize . This open up  the "Template Designer" On the left menu, click on " Advanced " Scroll down and click " Add css " You will see a box by the right hand side as seen in the picture below, where you can add your css codes. Method:2.  Log in  to your blog and select the blog you want to work o

Earn $50 Everyday

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cedar R7EA011

Q.what is  cedar R7EA011?? A. cedar R7EA011 is a firmeware for the phone model named Sony ericsoon cedar . Q. is It Possible to download offline version for  cedar R7EA011 ? A.Yes It is! there any link available for  Cedar R7EA011  Firmware Download??? A.Yes Available.Click here to download Related Post: Download sony-ericsson-cedar-firmware-r7ea011 s ony-ericsson-cedar-firmware installation guide FLASH MENUS AND THEMES IN SONY ERICSSON PHONES(Flash-V3) Sony Ericsson Flash Theme Sony Ericsson Theme Creator Sony ericsson cedar flash menu -flashing tutorial

earn Up To 300rs Everyday Jst Receving SMS.

How ? How Can it Be ? Just Reading SMS ? Really, its True Now you can Just EARN for Recieving SMS. But you must be wondering how this could be. Ya its difficult to Believe But have to believe it ! Mginger, emerged few years back with a brand new concept of Paying its members for just Receiving their SMS Ok. Then What SMS do they SEND ? Mginger, is a new ADVERISING medium where its registered members would receive ADVERTISEMENT SMS, where for each SMS received they pay 20p. Just Not that build your refferal Network to earn Commissions for reffering friends. How Much They Pay for Refferals ? Mginger Pays 2Rs. for every valid refferal you make. Mginger pays 20p/sms received and 10p/sms recieved by your friend and 5p/sms for SMS received by your friends friend. SO Earning with Mginger is as EASY as you GO Reffering as much friends you have ! What is the Minimum Payout ? Rs.300 is the Minimum Payout, So start Registering and start earning everymonth with Mginger ! Click on the following B

Increase traffic with updated AddThis sharing – a faster, more personal sharing experience.

Hello Friends I Just found Three in one facebook+googlepluse+twitter blogger gadget that appeare after       your blogpost or under the post.( sorry for bad english ) Most Of Facebook and twitter sharing gadgets are in java code and u can put it as gadgets on blogger.but for    particular   blogpost u can not use that java the one of the solution is put all these facebook twitter and google pluse sharing button below the post just using simple way. it also use for wordpress site/blog or personal websites also... How To Install on blog???? Just Click The Image And You Will Be Redirected to Source code website now enjoy and   and Share this artical with your Friends..... for wordpress and other  websites instalation you can found suggetion by clicking here Tags:three in one  facebook   twitter  g+  gadgets for blogger wordpress and websites , Three in one facebook+googlepluse+twitter blogger gadget under the post, , Three in one facebook+googlepluse+twi

How To Remove Blogger Header Navbar

How To Remove Blogger Header Navbar to remove blogger header navbar is very simple and its officially provided by bloogger. no need to change your any html code. you just follow this step.. step 1: login to step 2: click on "Layout" (see image) step 3: now select widget "navbar" (see figur)                                      step 4:   click on " off " and press save. enjoy..........