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How To Hide Blog Description on Blogger Blogs

I Just Found Solution of Hide the description on new blogger templates.
here is the method to hide the description on header.

Search engines use the title and Blog description tags when indexing Blogs, hence both are very important for search Engine Optimization. Hence, you must make sure you make very good use of them.

However if you are not using a picture as your blog header, you might want to hide your blog description from showing in your blog header. You can easily do this, while the blog description still remains visible to search engines.

Method:1. Log in to your blog and select the blog you want to work on.

Go to Template  ==> Customize.

This open up  the "Template Designer"

On the left menu, click on "Advanced"

Scroll down and click "Add css"

You will see a box by the right hand side as seen in the picture below, where you can add your css codes.

Method:2. Log in to your blog and select the blog you want to work on.

Go to Template  ==> "Edit HTML" ==> "Proceed"

Use CTRL F to find : ]]></b:skin>

Right above it, copy and paste:

display: none;

That's all.

I hope it works for you.