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Make First letter big in your blog-post|Create Drop Caps

Whenever you read any article from News papers and magazines probably you found that there was one letter that always Bigger then other.and two three line ware wrapped around that large letter.Technically its called as  Drop Caps .I hope you are  finding for make first letter big in your Blogger or WordPress blog post. Here i m going to show you a little Css trick to make first letter large in your own blog post.This trick is  only for . First go to Template >> EDIT Html >> Then press ALT+F key and find  ]]></b:skin>. Then copy and past blow code as shown in Image .Click save!! .post-body:first-letter {  float:left; color: #000000;  background:#ffffff;  line-height:80px;  padding-top:1px;  padding-right:5px;  font-family:times;  font-size:100px;  } Now after saving changes it must be look like this: Pros and Cons for using Drop caps in your blog post: Pros: It makes your Article eye catching and creat

Track your WordPress/Blogger Website anonymously with statcounter

Owning a website is not such a big deal. You can make your website anytime anywhere on just single click. But most important issue is SECURITY and WEBPAGE TRACKING . But tracking single webpage is not part of security but its a part of WEBSITE ANALYSIS. That shows how your website performing in the web. So probably new Blogger or website owner is Curious about to track their visitor individually for further analysis. Tracking a Visitor Is it Legal or not ?  well there is no problem if you are tracking your visitor individually. Actually you are not tracking your visitor but you are tracking your WEBPAGES. So that is no chance to worry about it. But How? There is so many platform are available for visitor tacking. Some are free and some not. You need to just install a code and start tracking. One of the most common tool is Google analytics. But its not give sufficient information what we want. So i personally suggest you to use statcounter. Statcounter   is   powerful too

How to add Blogger post Readmore summaries and thumbnails on homepage-simple steps

Every blogger know that blogger  allowed to design your home page with your recent post with summery and image thumbnail.If there are large amount of post available then you should summarize your blog post with ReadMore with image thumbnail.  working with image thumbnail in blogger is most difficult task than other. Now there are also some java script widgets available to generate post thumbnail on your blogger home page.but its little bit complicated both two method explained with java-script and CSS only script. Post summery/snippet with CSS only script[No JavaScript]: Step 1.  Backup Backup Your Current blogger template.if after customization if your template crash then it will helpful for you. Go to Template>>Backup and Restore[Seen right on the Top]. Step 2. Its time to implement code to display  post summery and thumbnail.  Go to Template>>Edit HTML Now Find this code. <data:post.body /> Now replace it with following code. <b:if

New and Refine Code|Numbered Page Navigation On Blogger Platform

This the tutorial about How to add Numbered Page Navigation On blogs.It helps to visitor when they read your blog daily.If you have larger amount of blog posts and multiple Author the you should implement this code on your website. This Code can categorized your  Blog posts in to Group of some posts per pages.It will shown on Blogger Home page as well as Label. Add this Number Page Navigation widget to your blogger blog You can add this widget in your blogger blog by following our three simple steps bellow. Step 1: Go to Blogger Dashboard>> Template>> Edit html Press Ctrl + F and search the code shown below Paste given code before the above line. <b:includable id='mobile-index-post' var='post'> Paste below code before the above line. <b:includable id='page-navi'> <div class='pagenavi'> <script type='text/javascript'> var pageNaviConf = { perPage: 7,numPages: 5,firstText:

Is Chtika Really Best Alternative to google adsense-2013?

Yes! I received My First Income From  on 22-Feb-2013. They Sent My Money $34.7. See The Proof. Chitika give Best PPC(Pay per Click) Rate As $0.1 To $1 . Chitika Is Best Earning Platffor For New Bloggers And Websites.  Must Try They Provide Good Customer Service.                                                                   Click Here to Apply.

how-to-get targeted adsense ad

For New bloggers and    web designers    its difficult to Get Targeted ads on adsnse. this is the most common and main reason to  getting banned by adsense. so if you want to use adsense for great and safe earning use this steps carefully. -first go to this website click here  (it is adsense sandbox)  put your URL And see the types of ad appearing. if most of ads are not targeted to your website  so match the ads word and find it on your website(links,another advertising,refferell program link,wrong description etc..) and re arrange it related to your website. now clear all cookies on your web-brouser . now  close it and reopen it and use above steps until you see most of targeted ads. Hope its Increase your targeting ads and CTR also. Enjoy.

How to get (dot).tk domin on blogger-domain forwarding

Use Your Blogger Blog As A top Level free domain (dot).tk there are many publisher and alternatives are required to TLD. Like,- - -cpxinteractive and so on..... So these are steps to use your blog on TLD. .TK is growing exponentially to become the largest and safest country code domain in 2012. The .TK is a free domain service with free DNS support. Most of us have seen some blogger blogs with custom domains like .TK or domains. Here Technospot blog presents how to setup .TK domains for your blogger blogs in simple and easy steps. You might have failed before in setting up .TK domains in blogger since there is slight change in the procedure. And now its easy for you with screenshots.. Steps: 1. Register an account at and get your free doamin. Not yet a member? Click here   to register 2. Click modify in .TK domain panel 3. In the domains setting window, choose Dot TK DNS Service 4. Add new A Record as below, Host Name : yourdom


Autoblog is a blog that is always done automatically every day after a set by the blog owner. It could be said, Set & Forget. Then the question arises, from where autoblog article that gets to the post every day? In general, there are 2methods of how to work from autoblog. The first is by using keywords. In the autoblog plugin like wp-robot, we can setting what keywords will be displayed as an article. For example, the keyword "cooking tips" etc.. Well, these articles taken from such Article Directory The second, a site via RSS. Simply copy the RSS of the target site is targeted, then later on any article posted on the site, will appear automatically in our autoblog site Make Autoblog on BlogSpot very easy at all as easy as making a cup of coffee, just follow these steps: 1. Login to your blogspot 2. Go settings - Email & mobile 3. Create a unique name of your email. Example: (you only

How To Setup Statcounter For Best Tracking

Hii.. Every buddy, If You want to tracking website from statecounter so just follow this steps.. 1.first sign up here .   if you are already member then log in here first. Now See The Image  2.Now Click On Add New Project  3.Now Follow The steps ..   4.choose your platform.....  5.Now Put The code generated from statcounter. on your Blog or website between <body><> /body> tags. Install Guides The following is a list of webpage editors, desktop applications and blogging platforms for which we have a created an install guide: Adobe Pagemill 3.0 Avon BBEdit Blogger Blogger Dynamic Views BluDomain Britnett ComfyPage Contribute DoYourOwnSite Dreamweaver Drupal Flickr Friendster Frontpage 2000 Frontpage 2002 Frontpage 97/Express GoDaddy Website Tonight Google Sites Hot Dog Professional HoTMetaL Pro iWeb Jimdo Joomla Microsoft Office Live Microsoft Publisher MSN Groups

How to setup Invisible tracking in blogger and wordpress-best free analytic tool

Most Bloggers are worried about webpage Tracking And  Incoming Key-Words Information for their website ,blogger or WordPress. Although blogger and word-press has inbuilt dash board that provides some information  about common user queries and overall traffic. However information provided is not enough to understand or interpret website's actual performance on web. Its more useful if trace the individual visitors query and location data to understand users need and interest. So Is there Any WEBSITE for it? Yes , FKC Use State counter for Visible  for invisible tracking. Statcounter is best free tracking and analytics platform provider. You can sign up Here Best Features of statcounter 1.  Live Tracking 2.  Invisible/Visible Tracking 3.  Visiter Activities Tracking 4.  Keyword Tracking per users 5. Unique visitor information Read more:  How to Track your WordPress/Blogger Website anonymously with statcounter Login page of StateCounter Total page views vs

How To Hide Blog Description on Blogger Blogs

Hi! I Just Found Solution of Hide the description on new blogger templates. here is the method to hide the description on header. Search engines use the title and Blog description tags when indexing Blogs, hence both are very important for search Engine Optimization. Hence, you must make sure you make very good use of them. However if you are not using a picture as your blog header, you might want to hide your blog description from showing in your blog header. You can easily do this, while the blog description still remains visible to search engines. Method:1.  Log in  to your blog and select the blog you want to work on. Go to  Template   ==> C ustomize . This open up  the "Template Designer" On the left menu, click on " Advanced " Scroll down and click " Add css " You will see a box by the right hand side as seen in the picture below, where you can add your css codes. Method:2.  Log in  to your blog and select the blog you want to work o

Increase traffic with updated AddThis sharing – a faster, more personal sharing experience.

Hello Friends I Just found Three in one facebook+googlepluse+twitter blogger gadget that appeare after       your blogpost or under the post.( sorry for bad english ) Most Of Facebook and twitter sharing gadgets are in java code and u can put it as gadgets on blogger.but for    particular   blogpost u can not use that java the one of the solution is put all these facebook twitter and google pluse sharing button below the post just using simple way. it also use for wordpress site/blog or personal websites also... How To Install on blog???? Just Click The Image And You Will Be Redirected to Source code website now enjoy and   and Share this artical with your Friends..... for wordpress and other  websites instalation you can found suggetion by clicking here Tags:three in one  facebook   twitter  g+  gadgets for blogger wordpress and websites , Three in one facebook+googlepluse+twitter blogger gadget under the post, , Three in one facebook+googlepluse+twi

How To Remove Blogger Header Navbar

How To Remove Blogger Header Navbar to remove blogger header navbar is very simple and its officially provided by bloogger. no need to change your any html code. you just follow this step.. step 1: login to step 2: click on "Layout" (see image) step 3: now select widget "navbar" (see figur)                                      step 4:   click on " off " and press save. enjoy..........