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Autoblog is a blog that is always done automatically every day after a set by the blog owner. It could be said, Set & Forget.

Then the question arises, from where autoblog article that gets to the post every day? In general, there are 2methods of how to work from autoblog.
The first is by using keywords. In the autoblog plugin like wp-robot, we can setting what keywords will be displayed as an article. For example, the keyword "cooking tips" etc.. Well, these articles taken from such Article Directory

The second, a site via RSS. Simply copy the RSS of the target site is targeted, then later on any article posted on the site, will appear automatically in our autoblog site

Make Autoblog on BlogSpot

very easy at all as easy as making a cup of coffee, just follow these steps:

1. Login to your blogspot
2. Go settings - Email & mobile
3. Create a unique name of your email. Example: (you only need to fill your unique name)
4. Choose .. Publish Emails Immediately
5. Click Save Settings
6. Now go to your email account, example:
7. After logging into your email, eami forwarding settings into your account 

that you created earlier blogger
8. Go to site services feedforwarder (
9. Submit your feeds to your email
10. Confirm
11. Now you already have autoblog.

Autoblogging with

The first step is to install a fresh WordPress autoblog plugin on a self hosted 

WP blog ( you can even use free hosting services for this) or you can set up 

on your computer by installing WAMP or XAMPP, so you will be able to 

use your computer as a webserver.
The next step is to install the wordpress auto blog plugins you prefer, so that 

it will generate the posts. You can find many Wordpres autoblog plugins 

After the autoblog plugin generates the posts, you should export these posts. 

This task can be easily done by going to the Tools section of the menu and 

use the export function. You can choose of you want to export everything, 

or just posts or pages. Everything will be exported to an XML file which we 

will use.
The last step is to go to your blog, find the Import function 

in Tools and upload the XML file generated before. The whole process will 

be done automatically, and after that you will have 

autoblog, which is exactly the same as the one we created before.
Though, this technique is not the same as if you us eWordpress autoblog 

plugin, but the result is the same.
By the way, since have strict spam filtering, keep in mind if 

you use questionable content – for example content full of affiliate links 

etc. – your autoblog will be sooner or later deleted, so create separated 

you can easily setup as many as you want