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How to resume torrent file even link was deleted from download.

Torrent is most useful and popular download tool for extreme large file because of its ease of access and resume capability.In torrent while downloading any big file you have noticed that you can only resume existing file or you can only start or stop downloading existing file.  But you can also resume the file which totally deleted from bittorrent software.It means if you again download same torrent file it will starts from beginning even old data was exist. This is not so good for large file which accidentally removed or deleted by us.But in Bittorrent there is one nice feature that you can also resume the torrent file which was totally deleted and of course it will resume from last stop. watch this video how to do that.

How to delete Internet Explorer history

Internet Explorer is free and built in with your windows. Internet explorer not so good as compare to other popular browser but it can be useful if you have recently installed new OS . Previous version's performance was not as accepted, there were so many issues,bugs. Now on window 7 or 8 the latest version of internet explorer provided with new purchased PC/Laptop.And for old there are new update available called as IE11 .And this IE10 or IE11 provides new web browsing experience.And of course it is much faster then previews one. One thing you have noticed that there is no option for clearing web history that you recently browsed. This web history creates offline Catch/Data that will takes some space of your hard disk every time every day.And this will cause your computer slower. You can remove it and clean your computer manually with following easy step. Remove Internet Explorer History manually [Notice: This trick is works only for new version IE10 and I

Advanced Shellcoding Techniques

Introduction This paper assumes a working knowledge of basic shellcoding techniques, and x86 assembly, I will not rehash these in this paper.  I hope to teach you some of the lesser known shellcoding techniques that I have picked up, which will allow you to write smaller and better shellcodes.  I do not claim to have invented any of these techniques, except for the one that uses the div instruction. The multiplicity of mul This technique was originally developed by Sorbo of  The mul instruction may, on the surface, seem mundane, and it's purpose obvious.  However, when faced with the difficult challenge of shrinking your shellcode, it proves to be quite useful.  First some background information on the mul instruction itself. mul performs an unsigned multiply of two integers.  It takes only one operand, the other is implicitly specified by the %eax register.  So, a  common mul instruction might look something like this: movl $0x0a,%eax mul $0x0a Th

Create Confession-Page on Facebook.

Are wondering for  HOW TO MAKE A CONFESSIONS PAGE ON FACEBOOK? here is the tutorial for making confession page with facebook. first you should  now that how to create a page and how to reach there.!! Lets start, step 1 .first you have to go to create page link.           so first find the any page any where.see image below. Step 2 .Now click and open any page. and you get our link to "Create page"see image blow. step 3. now click and open"Cause or Community"See image below. Step 4 .Now Give The name of your confession page.and follow the steps one by one shown in images bellow. Congratulation your facebook page is successively created  .!! Now Make a confession Form. 1. first you go to And Loin with your google will redirect you to googledrive. 2. now click and select "crate form". 3. then choose your layout and select&

download ATAPI iHAP122 cdrom driver

In this article you can learn about reinstall ,update,or repair default driver s from windows 7,Vista or other versions. and how to download Original  ATAPI iHAP122 cdrom driver. ATAPI iHAP122 cdrom driver Download for Free. Before you do Something you should know that windows provide a very good facility about driver .it meas you can try to repair ,update ,or re-install driver automatically using windows function. just few step you can do it. control panel. on device manager. 3.see the list of drivers. Now you can see the missing or  corrupted drivers as shown image below.   Now You can see the further options: 1. Update Driver software:Update driver software over internet[If available] or using installer. 2 .Disable:permanently Disable that drivers. 3. Uninstall:you know that. 4 .Scan for Hardware changes:Scan the Changes To previous configuration of windows. 5. Properties :show advance properties. Now hope you understand above functio

Is Chtika Really Best Alternative to google adsense-2013?

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download ultoo poll.jar-play ultoo poll on java mobiles s40 nokia mobile.

Download ultoo .sis offline version for all s40 nokia mobile devices.this application allows you to send message directly from your mobile.You don't need to login from your pc every time. Ultoo -poll.jar(.jar)-official java application for Nokia,Samsung,Sony Erricsson (note:it is .jar Aps for java device only) ultoo poll(.jar)-play ultoo poll on java mobile s40 nokia mobile. I Found Ultoopoll Application For Playing Poll on Ultoo .com.we know that ultoo give 1Rs For Completing download ultoo poll for java mobiles. [ link brocken? ] see more.. Ultoo.Jar   For Nokia,Samsung,Sony Ericsson and other java mobiles. Ultoo.apk  For Samsung, And othor Android Devices ultoo-poll .jar  For Nokia,Samsung,Sony Ericsson  and other java mobiles. incoming searches: Download Ultoopoll.jar. offline  Download Ultoopoll.jar. Download Ultoopoll.jar offline vesion. Download Ultoo-poll.jar Ultoo poll offline playing. offline playing ultoo poll on java mobiles.

Hike Download Center

Thank You For Downloading!! HOW TO DOWNLOAD ???   1. Click on the download links 2. Wait for few seconds and then click on   3. Click On Right – Top Corner Download Hike-Messenger for Java and S40 Devices Nokia,Samsung,Lg,Sony Ericsson,Onida,Blackberry,Lava,Lemon,Micromax                                                  Click to download for nokia S40 Java Devices. [Direct Link ]   Download For OtherJava Devices (Offline Version). [Direct Link ] Download For Android Devices(.Apk). [Direct Link] Download Hike For  I-Phone Apple  Devices. [Direct Link ] Download For Hike For  Windows Mobile  Device [Direct Link ] Tags- Download Hike-Messenger for Java and S40 Devices Nokia,Samsung,Lg,Sony Ericsson,Onida,Blackberry,Lava,Lemon,Micromax - Download For Android Devices(.Apk). - Download Hike For  I-Phone Apple  Devices. - Download For Hike For  Windows Mobile  Device

Download Hike-Messenger for java(.jar),android(.Apk),Apple,windows devices.

Hike is free messenger app for java, android,apple and windows based devices. Used to send free cost messages and earn talk time by referring new users. According to current limitation you can send 100 messages per day offline without carrier charge. Features on Hike-Messenger!! Free hike SMS With free hike SMS, you can message friends who don't have hike installed as well. Each hike user gets 100 Free hike SMS every month to message those friends who aren’t on hike. We do the smarts to convert the message into a free hike SMS if the user’s friend isn’t on hike. Better yet, the SMS user can reply at normal rates and the reply comes back into the hike inbox making messaging very seamless. Group chat with all your friends With free hike SMS, Group Chat is even more powerful. Create groups with a mix of friends who have and don’t have the app all in one big group. Share photos, videos & more! You can send photos, videos and other media to. Just snap and shar

dhcpsrv.exe and dhcpsrv.rar download

Free download dhcpsrv.exe (direct Link) click here to Download  Link Broken Try To direct download HOW TO DOWNLOAD ???   1. Click on the download links 2. Wait for few seconds and then click on   3. Click On Right – Top Corner Tags: Free download dhcpsrv.exe -By freshknowledgecenter             Free download dhcpsrv.rar- By  freshknowledgecenter           dhcpsrv.rar, dhcpsrv.exe, dhcpsrv.rar, dhcpsrv.exe, dhcpsrv.rar,  dhcpsrv.rar, dhcpsrv.exe, dhcpsrv.rar, dhcpsrv.exe, dhcpsrv.rar,                              dhcpsrv.rar, dhcpsrv.exe, dhcpsrv.rar, dhcpsrv.exe, dhcpsrv.rar

The New BlackBerry 10 Release-price-features-specification.

The New BlackBerry 10 Release[images]-features New BlackBerry 10 -front view New BlackBerry 10- closer view New BlackBerry 10- color view New BlackBerry 10- inside view New BlackBerry 10- closer view New BlackBerry 10-camera view New BlackBerry 10 New BlackBerry 10-keypad New BlackBerry 10 New BlackBerry 10 New BlackBerry 10- os view New BlackBerry 10 BlackBerry 10 Aristo Price not declared:  It wasn’t too long ago that we were introduced to the the BlackBerry 10 L-series thanks to a leak, and today, another leak is giving us our first look at the A-series. One of the phones in the BlackBerry 10 A-Series has been named “Aristo” and judging from the specs list below, which was uncovered by Rapid Berry, it looks be packing a lot of power under the hood. If the spec list for the Aristo is anything to go on, then it appears that the A-series will be RIM’s high-end line of BlackBerry 10 handsets. Read more:  BlackBerry 1