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How to setup Invisible tracking in blogger and wordpress-best free analytic tool

Most Bloggers are worried about webpage Tracking And  Incoming Key-Words Information for their website ,blogger or WordPress. Although blogger and word-press has inbuilt dash board that provides some information  about common user queries and overall traffic.

However information provided is not enough to understand or interpret website's actual performance on web. Its more useful if trace the individual visitors query and location data to understand users need and interest.

So Is there Any WEBSITE for it?

FKC Use State counter for Visible  for invisible tracking. Statcounter is best free tracking and analytics platform provider.
You can sign up Here

Best Features of statcounter
1. Live Tracking
2. Invisible/Visible Tracking
3. Visiter Activities Tracking
4. Keyword Tracking per users
5. Unique visitor information

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State counter - 01
Login page of StateCounter

State counter - 02
Total page views vs daily unique visits

The following is a list of webpage editors, desktop applications and  blogging platforms for which supported by StateCounter:

Adobe, Pagemill 3.0, Avon, BBEdit, Blogger, Blogger DynamicViews, Blu DomainBritnett , ComfyPage, Contribute, DoYourOwnSite, Dreamweaver, Drupal, Friendster, Frontpage 2000, Frontpage 2002, Frontpage 97/Express, GoDaddy, Website, Tonight, Google Sites, Hot Dog , Professional HoTMetaL, ProiWeb, Jimdo, Joomla,, Microsoft Office, Live Microsoft, Publisher, MSN Groups, MSN Spaces, Multiply, MySpace, Net Objects, Fusion, Netscape, Composer, NVU, editor, PBase, Qufoto,, SiteSkins, Tagged, Tripod, Tumblr, Type Pade, Bulletin, Visual Page 2.0, Webs, WebStarts, Weebly, Wikispaces, Wix, Flash, Version, Wix, HTML5, Version, WordPress, Xanga, Yahoo!, Online Store, Site Builder Yola, Zine Studio.