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Track your WordPress/Blogger Website anonymously with statcounter

Owning a website is not such a big deal. You can make your website anytime anywhere on just single click. But most important issue is SECURITY and WEBPAGE TRACKING. But tracking single webpage is not part of security but its a part of WEBSITE ANALYSIS.

That shows how your website performing in the web. So probably new Blogger or website owner is Curious about to track their visitor individually for further analysis.

Tracking a Visitor Is it Legal or not ? 

well there is no problem if you are tracking your visitor individually. Actually you are not tracking your visitor but you are tracking your WEBPAGES. So that is no chance to worry about it.

But How?
There is so many platform are available for visitor tacking. Some are free and some not. You need to just install a code and start tracking.

One of the most common tool is Google analytics. But its not give sufficient information what we want. So i personally suggest you to use statcounter.

Statcounter is powerful tool to track your website anonymously with high accuracy and niche information. statcounter is free tool for visitor tracking.You can use on multiple site.

Features of Statcounter

  • Summary
  • Hourly
  • Popular Pages
  • Incoming Traffic
  • Came From
  • Keyword Analysis                /*Analysis of keywords used by user to reach your website.*/
  • Paid Traffic New
  • Recent Came From
  • Recent Keyword Activity    /*Sows keywords used by user to reach your website.*/
  • Search Engine Wars            /*analysis of search engine used by user to reach your website. */
  • Exit Links                            /*tracking of page link  while visitor leave your website.*/ 
  • Exit Link Activity
  • Downloads
  • Download Activity
  • Visitor Paths
  • Visit Length
  • Returning Visits
  • Recent Pageload Activity
  • Recent Visitor Activity         /*tracking of visitors like,Location IP address etc.*/
  • Recent Visitor Map
  • Country/State/City/ISP
  • Browsers                             /*tracking of visitors which brouser used by user to reach your                                                                                                                                            website.*/
  • System Stats
  • Lookup IP Address
  • Download Logs
For blogger user there is no issue to install code.You just Login to your account and copy javascript and past in to your blogger widget. You can also choose tracking method like visible counter or Invisible counter.

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Know How Install statcounter code on your word press website.