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How to get (dot).tk domin on blogger-domain forwarding

Use Your Blogger Blog As A top Level free domain (dot).tk there are many publisher and alternatives are required to TLD. Like,
and so on.....

So these are steps to use your blog on TLD.

.TK is growing exponentially to become the largest and safest country code domain in 2012. The .TK is a free domain service with free DNS support. Most of us have seen some blogger blogs with custom domains like .TK or domains.

Here Technospot blog presents how to setup .TK domains for your blogger blogs in simple and easy steps.

You might have failed before in setting up .TK domains in blogger since there is slight change in the procedure.

And now its easy for you with screenshots..


1. Register an account at and get your free doamin.
Not yet a member?Click here to register

2. Click modify in .TK domain panel

3. In the domains setting window, choose Dot TK DNS Service

4. Add new A Record as below,

Host Name : (enter your domain url)
IP Address :

5. Add new CNAME Record as below

Host Name : ( your domain url with www)
IP Address :

6. Save changes and open Publishing under blogger settings

7. Click switch to custom domain

8. In advanced settings, enter the .TK url with www and select the option to redirect

9. Save the setting and you're done :)

Note: It'll take 30 min or above to process . So be patient and check back your domain later.