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best way for password security.

Password that secure you and your money:
Every day we heard that keep your password strong and unique.change it at some interval of time like few months or days.Its not possible for everyone to change it every time.When i  knew that almost 75% face book and twitter user use their mobile number as password!and its not to hard to get your username. :p

More unique More secure:
If you think that unique means someone's name birthday or etc i.e" im1234, 143im".but you are wrong.unique means it may not realistic ie "asd769#","oij5432$#".So now get back on point ,How to make secure  and unique password?
Well it is not  lengthy process.Just close your eyes and type anything on your keyboard.and make one one unique character after or before your password like @,$,!,%.

Are you too lazy??
its very boring that think about unique and it will also make headache on your head!!!. So try best password generator will generate any random and strong password for you.
Name:secure password
Authore:Amit agarwal
secure password generator.

Enjoy secure life!!
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