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Difference between Turbo C++ and Borland C++

Are you wondering why there is many programming environments available for C and C++ even both use same programming method and library?Yes, this comes in our mind when we are beginner.

About Turbo C++ and Borland C++

Borland C++ is programming environment for Microsoft Windows. And it has better debugger. Turbo C is also programming environment, originally developed in 1994. It has very basic and introductory IDE. Turbo C++ was made for MS-DOS. It can generate both COM and EXE files.

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Key difference between Turbo C++ And Borland C++

  • Both are programming environments and designed to make C programs/Algorithms.
  • Borland c is flavor of C++ programming provided by a software company BORLAND.
  • Both languages are same except the compiler and linking of the languages.
  • Minor difference in syntaxes.
  • Turbo c is the first language that made for DOS .
  • And borland launched after turbo c for DOS command line.
  • Turbo c and Borland c both are machine level debugger.
  • Turbo c is an extension of ANSI C.