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Whats New in Internet Explorer 10?

We know that people are confused for Web-browser.because there are many Web-browser s available on market. some are free and some costly.

Introduction to IE-10.

Now Microsoft recently launches Internet explorer 10 with improving web-browsing technology.If we talk about previous versions of IE 4,5,6 to 9 its not capable  to handle latest programming language that is why it crashed while loading page.Now in internet explorer 10  is launched with may fetchers improving performance for We-Browsing.

5 Reason to Use Internet Explorer-10.

1.Better reading Experience:-

In IE-10 now its support latest web-design and it's provides better reading experience compare to previous version of IE.See how is it works.
review of ie10.

2.Better response of Online Fonts:

Now IE10 is capable to run many kinds of Online font so it is good for web designer .no need to make fallback function for IE.

font-review of ie10.

3.Better Response of Advanced Web-Design:

Now Internet Explorer 10 is capable to run heavy we-design.Because it's supports HTML5 ,CSS3. So that newly design web-pages are now able to run on IE10 without crashing.
review ie10 for css3,html5.

4.Best Color Experience:

One of the most advantage of internet explorer 10 is it gives best performance of color with webpages compare to Chrome and Firefox.

5.Speed Is Improved:

Now IE10 improves its speed for better Web-Browsing.

There are also Some disadvantages of internet explorer that,

  • Still it has not built in Flash player ,PDF reader.
  • Can not Be install Without up-gradation.For window-7 user win-7 service pack 1 must be installed. 
Windows 7 users can now enjoy the speed and compatibility of Internet Explorer 10, formerly the sole province of Windows 8.

If you are satisfied with IE-10 review you can download it by clicking Here.