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Weight loss myths you're falling for

Editors and Yahoo! health teamed up to pull your knowledge and attitudes about dropping kilos. We discovered many of you hold onto cherished but erroneous belief that could sabotage your effort to slim down.

Myth: You believe exercise is your best weight loss weapon 

Of those surveyed, 71% of adults agree that the best way to lose weight permanently is through exercise. Only 41% believe restricting calories is the best way.

The truth: Exercise  alone leads to a very modest reduction in total body weight: less than 3%. To achieve effective weight loss, you have to pair exercise with the right diet plan.

Myth: You think cardio exercise burns the most fat

While  a healthy 71% of people who responded do cardio workouts, 56% believe cardio workouts burns the most fat.

The truth: Doing aerobic exercise at the same intensity isn't nearly an effective at fighting fat creep as surprising your body with interval training or strength training. In one study, as few as three 11-minut of calories burned during sleep. The key is to alternate intense bursts of activity with short periods of rest.

Weight loss myths you're falling for

Myth: You think a simple walk will do

Only 29% of people push themselves "a lot" when they exercise, while 59% push themselves only a little, and 13% not at all.

The truth: A growing body of research suggest that bursts of intense activity, where you really get your heart pumping, are the most effective way to burn calories and get fit.

And here's the kicker: If you wrongly perceive you are working out harder than you really are, research shows that you're more likely to regain weight. A good indicator  that you're going all out? You will find it hard to carry on a conversation during your exercise routine.