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How to remember lengthy texts in short time - Brain hack

The week before external exam is very important to score good. In case of analytical problems there is no need to remember as it is, logic is important in this case. For theoretical contents, remember definitions, paragraph or whole essay is almost impossible in short time.


However writing or speaking it multiple time will gives additional benefits but that will give headache. Take a look at web app named 'Memorize Now'  can possibly help you to remember long paragraphs in short amount of time.

Memorize now

First you are required to past the text in the space provided. Then press the hit button, that will process it. First time the exact text will appear, so read it over and over again and try to remember it, after that click on the arrow ">" and there will be some word missing in the text provided. Try to recall that exact word and press arrow to process it again. Watch the full video to understand more.

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This visual memorizing process helps you to remember it in relatively short amount of time.