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How to solve Blogger search widget error: This form is not secure Autofill has been turned off

In blogger if you are using very old template then it might be possible that you are using old widget as well. At that time blogger does not supported https. But now blogger supports https and you will get this error on search widget of your blog. This error mostly occurs in Google chrome  web-browser. Here are are steps to quickly resolve it by editing search widget.

this form is not secure autofill is turned off


1. Open blogger and login to your account.

2. Go to Layout.

Blogger Layout

3. Edit search widget.

Search widget edit

4. Find your blog URL with HTTP.

blog url with http

5. Replace your Blog URL HTTP with HTTPS as shown in below image.

blog search widget url with https

Make sure you find your blog URL and replaced HTTP with HTTPS correctly. After update click on save and check your update on your blog.