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How to solve ads.txt file uploaded but still showing an error in the AdSense

If you are facing problem in Blogger regarding ads.txt error or warning in your AdSense account even after you have successfully updated it then this post is for you. In this post I will tell you how to solve AdSense warning step by step in detail. If you want to solve it then read this article carefully. AdSense AdSense is one advertising platform which shows/serves automatic text, image, display or video ads. It is Google's service and it's rules are very strict. To earn money through AdSense we need to follow it's guideline. In Ads.txt file we need to add our publisher ID is one of its rule, otherwise it will impact bad on our earnings. What is Ads.txt? In Simple words it is mechanism for publishers to list their authorized digital sellers. In order to fight against fraud or misrepresented domains. This will help to protect you from unauthorized account, unknown account and fraud account ads placement on your website or blog. Ads.txt file is available for Google AdSense

How to delete sitemap from Bing webmaster

Adding sitemaps to Bing webmaster is best way to tell Bing search engine about your website and all of its URLs and newer updates available to your website or blog. But in some cases you want to delete the sitemap from Bing Webmaster just because your sitemap URL no longer working or it may be changed. Here are steps to quickly remove it. Steps: 1. Sign in to Bing webmaster here: 2. Go to Sitemaps. 2. Select Website you want to remove. And click on Delete at the right bottom. 3. Final popup will appear: " Are you sure you want to delete sitemaps ?" Then click on Delete . 4. Done!

How to remove a website or blog from the Google Search Console

Owner can remove property of their own list of websites. Similarly Users can also delete property from their own list. Removing property will have some effects: You will not get any notification for deleted property. You can not see any information regarding property and settings as well. Your message history for particular property will be saved. If you are owner of a property, then all the users of the property will lose the access to the property in Google Search Console or Google webmaster. Steps: 1. Login to your Google Search Console. 2. Go to settings or click on this link: Property setting page 3. Click on Search property . 4. Select website. 5. Scroll down and click on Remove Property . 6. A final popup will appear: click on remove property . 7. Done! Reference:

How to solve Blogger search widget error: This form is not secure Autofill has been turned off

In blogger if you are using very old template then it might be possible that you are using old widget as well. At that time blogger does not supported https. But now blogger supports https and you will get this error on search widget of your blog. This error mostly occurs in Google chrome  web-browser. Here are are steps to quickly resolve it by editing search widget. Steps: 1. Open blogger and login to your account. 2. Go to Layout. 3. Edit search widget. 4. Find your blog URL with HTTP . 5. Replace your Blog URL HTTP with HTTPS as shown in below image. Make sure you find your blog URL and replaced HTTP with HTTPS correctly. After update click on save and check your update on your blog.

How to Solve ads.txt error in blogger

ads.txt specifies a mechanism for publishers to list their authorized digital sellers, in order to fight against fraud and misrepresented domains. Reference Blogger error "The ads.txt content does not comply with the format rules. See Here are steps given to solve the error: Steps: 1. login to your account 2. Go to settings 3. Under "Monetization" click on Custom ads.txt 4. Now Past your ads txt 5. If you getting "does not comply" error Then in your ads.txt file, find "direct" and replace it with capital letters "DIRECT". Similarly replace "reseller" with capital letters "RESELLERS" in all lines. 6. Now click on save. This error mostly comes when we place infolinks ads.txt file to our blogger blog. But you can now correct the file by following steps mentioned above.

How to block dynamic urls by robots txt in blogger

URL structure in blogger is restricted feature. It can not be either modified or deleted, specially when it relates to post & page url. Post url has fixed date inclusion in every new article you write. Similarly Pages has pre-fixed /P/ inclusion in every new page you create in blog spot as shown in below examples. Example: Post permalink /2016/02/ how-to-remember-lengthy-texts-in-short.html Page permalink /p/ contact-us.html According to google's policy these permalink cant be changed by users, Unlike word-press it is default and prefixed. That is why it becomes biggest issue in terms of  SEO . However Unique article with date inclusion can generates good traffic but as far as i know after some time those websites articles without date will win. No matter how good you write or represent. Read more:  Optimize Blogger SEO by Choosing right meta description Read more: Basic Blogger SEO Tricks

SEO optimized robots.txt configuration for blogger

Robots.txt is the configuration text file with couple of commands to take control over web content sharing with web crawlers. The robots exclusion protocol is created to instruct robots or web crawlers like google-bot and Bingbot for how to access and index pages from particular site. Generally, for personal website owner(i.e word press) needs to place this file in main or top level directory. Example: robots.txt Read more about: Best Example ROBOTS.TXT Generated by For blogger users, By default this files has been placed in root directory. To access it user needs to Enable it manually by change in settings. Steps to Enable Robots.txt file in blogger Step 1. Login to your account and go to settings . Step 2. Click on Edit and configure your commands. Step 3. Click on save changes Optimized ROBOTS.TXT file  Wrong setting may affect your whole website or even may be ignored by search engines. So it is necessary to k

How to Give H3 tag for home page title links and H1 to individual post title in blogger

Are you curious about blogger modification and enhancement at hard level? If yes then most probable reason should be to improve SEO score. There are so many methods and philosophy available over the internet, but out of them it's hard to find which one will actual affects our blog. Read more about:  How to implement full SEO on your blog For blogger user first you need to improve basic title of individual post. By default blogger will include your blog name to all individual posts. That will cause some problem on over all rank of your site. And other most important thing to improve is giving H1 tag to post title , and normal/no tag to  your blog title. By default blog name is assigned as H1 and post title as H2. Generally Home pages have recent updated posts list. That will notify users about new updated contents. But all those links are by default H1, Thus it will affect on seo because as per google webmaster guide lines A webpage should not contain multiple or repeat

How to solve 404 error on without(non) www custom domain | Blogger

Blogger is now available for full customization and you can use sub-domain with blogspot or you can use your own domain from any other domain provider. Up to this all is well, you can use your domain/subdomain instead of BLOGSPOT .com according to instructions given by Google. When you type your domain name with it works fine but if you tried without www it will give 404 error .As shown blow image. Solution for your non www custom domain: Step 1. Go to Bogger>> Setting > Basic . Click on Edit . Step 2 Tick on Redirect to . Click on save. That's it!! If still any problem happens go to your domain domain provider website. Recheck your A Name records .It should be look like below image. There should be only three google IPs  no any other, It will create problem on domain forwarding and still you get 404 error.Remove all other ip and click save or update. Tags:

300+ Free online SEO tools forever

SEO is the most important thing considered now days. Millions of articles daily published on millions websites. It is complex to identify which one is good and best. Search engines preferred only for those sites which is well optimized. There are so may paid tools available if you are lazy then you can use it by single click. But if you don't want to pay then you can do all the work by manually or using online tools which are available for free. All SEO tools and its importance Following tools are available here Backlink Checker Find out percentage of total backlinks. Link instrument Analyze incoming and outgoing links. Link Extractor Extract all links from the desired domain. Link quality Checker Check the amount of links inform to the web site. Link Suggestion Generator Generate links that relate to the keyword/topic. Multiple Backlink Checker View the amount of backlinks found in search. No-Follow Finder Scan a web site to

How to create Custom header tags in blogger

Heading creates first impression of you blog-post or new article. It should be well defined and niche. Because heading also gives general idea of your entire content. Search engines also use Headings to get idea of your content. In blogger it is possible to set header tags for your blog-post. There are few header tags available that you may add in to your content. After doing this it will generates hierarchy of your content with different font change like bigger to smaller headers. It may be look like this: <h1> Main Heading </h1> <h2> Sub Heading </h2> <h3> Minor heading </h3> <h4> Normal text </h4> If you are using blogger template designer template then you may do some changes in your html . Because by default in blogger they have set H3 tag for post Main heading. To correct this go to Template>>Edit HTML and find H3 by pressing Alt+f key and replace all with H1 and click save.

How make Custom Redirects in blogger.

Blogs change over time post,pages are added or deleted.I think if your blog have larger amount of posts it may be hard to track all post individually.We can not identify about which post is does not exist.and yet it is still popular on the web. If you daily update your blog/website then you might be also aware about your older content and if you found some content out of date and you just delete it. But it may possible that some of that still running and some other websites/blogs are pointing to your visitor comes they will only find "404 Error page". This not affects your blog/ website ranking but it may creates bad impression to visitor.With custom redirects you can redirect your user to your new blog post url easily. To perform this action in blogger Go to  Settings>>Search Preferences and click EDIT on custom redirects.Now enter older url in source field and new url in Destination field.Click save.if you want to add more select new redirect.

How to Create 404 error for blogger.

Broken links are deciduous your blog from search-engine.Most of the blogger by mistake not serious about their blog behaviors. Adroit bloggers are always care for User not for search engine an that is one their secret for his success. That is why you must create 404 error prevent user to bemused about your website structure. Create your own 404 Error page in blogger: First Under setting tab go to Search preference>>Click on custom page not found and past below code. light-heading="" .main-wrapper="" .outer-wrapper="" .page-header="" .sidebar-wrapper="" .status-msg-bg="" .status-msg-border="" 0.8s="" 0="" 0s="" 1.2em="" 100px="" 20px="" 240px="" 400="" 40px="" 48px="" a="" age="" all="" amp="" auto="" background-color:="" bold="&q

Tips to configure Search Description for blogger

Basically search description means a short description of your entire blog or blog post that are shown by search engine on search result and helps user to decide whether  it is the site they are searching for or not. How to configure Search Description in Blogger: First Go to setting >>Search preferences. Then write good and unique Description for you blog.   You can write few words there like: “A blog about social networking and web design.” “A journal of my year in Paris.” “Healthy southern-style cooking.” Configure Search Description in Blog-post: You can also write short description for each and every blog post individually.for doing this you need to click on Search Description on blogger post panel[right side].

5 Custom configuration for SEO in Blogger

About Blogger and SEO This article include all configuration that are provided built in with blogger .You might be interested in to optimize you blog for better ranking. Blogger now provide so many custom configuration facilities to user that helps to optimize blogs for better ranking like professional websites. These option are available to all user and yes it very easy to configure.You need to just know about it and that's it! Most of Blogger SEO options can be found under the Settings tab, under the Search Preferences section. On this tab, you should see the following settings: 5 configuration for SEO in Blogger Description Custom Page Not Found Custom Redirects Custom robots.txt Custom  header tags Description: Allows search engine as well as visitor to know overview of your blogpost  and its one of the most important factor for seo. Click here to  Read More Custom Page not found That helps visitor to know broken links of your blog.and it

Blogger SEO | Does it really exist

Blogger is most powerful and handy tool for those who want to share their opinion on the web publicly.The idea behind Blogger was simple that user can publish their article/opinion on the web as possible as EASY. We do not require to knowledge of web designing or any pro-certification for making our own website. But now a days blogger is not use for blogging purpose.It is being used as a Professional Website. Millions of blogspot domains are registered under google. Main reason behind this popularity of blogger is TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE .blogger allows to to put third party advertisement on your blog an when use will click it you will be get paid!! Now i hope that you thinking about "if i will get paid but how much"? Lets assume currently we get 25-cents per click.So as per my calculation if you revive 100 click per day with daily traffic 5000 page views then  your daily earning will be $25[Not bad!!].Now you defiantly thinking about How To Increase My Website/Blog Tr