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How to Create 404 error for blogger.

Broken links are deciduous your blog from search-engine.Most of the blogger by mistake not serious about their blog behaviors.

Adroit bloggers are always care for User not for search engine an that is one their secret for his success.

That is why you must create 404 error prevent user to bemused about your website structure.

Create your own 404 Error page in blogger:

First Under setting tab go to Search preference>>Click on custom page not found and past below code.

light-heading="" .main-wrapper="" .outer-wrapper="" .page-header="" .sidebar-wrapper="" .status-msg-bg="" .status-msg-border="" 0.8s="" 0="" 0s="" 1.2em="" 100px="" 20px="" 240px="" 400="" 40px="" 48px="" a="" age="" all="" amp="" auto="" background-color:="" bold="" border-color:="" border-radius:="" border:="" center="" check="" class="light-heading" color:="" display:="" div="" ease="" error-404:hover="" error-404="" font-size:="" font-weight:="" found.="" gt="" h1="" h2="" height:="" id="error-404" in="" isn="" lease="" line-height:="" lt="" margin-right:="" margin:="" min-height:="" none="" not="" pre="" solid="" span="" style="text-align: center;" t="" text-align:="" that="" there="" transition:="" transparent="" type="text/css" typo="" url.="" width:="" your="">
Click on save. That's it!!
This is one just one example only.You can also make you 404 page in different styles and layout.
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