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5 Custom configuration for SEO in Blogger

About Blogger and SEO

This article include all configuration that are provided built in with blogger .You might be interested in to optimize you blog for better ranking.

Blogger now provide so many custom configuration facilities to user that helps to optimize blogs for better ranking like professional websites.

These option are available to all user and yes it very easy to configure.You need to just know about it and that's it!

Most of Blogger SEO options can be found under the Settings tab, under the Search Preferences section.
On this tab, you should see the following settings:

5 configuration for SEO in Blogger

  1. Description
  2. Custom Page Not Found
  3. Custom Redirects
  4. Custom robots.txt
  5. Custom  header tags
    Allows search engine as well as visitor to know overview of your blogpost  and its one of the most important factor for seo.
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    Custom Page not found
    That helps visitor to know broken links of your blog.and it creates good reputation in search engines.
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    Custom redirects:
    That helps to redirect visitor from your old post to new post without any complex configuration in html.
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    Custom robots.txt:
    This is newly added feature in blogger that allows you to control your entire blog to being index in search engines.You can choose which page you want to index in search engine and which pages you want to prevent for being index.
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    Custom headers tags:
    Good heading express the general idea of article.ans search engines also use heading to get idea of what your article about.
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