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How make Custom Redirects in blogger.

Blogs change over time post,pages are added or deleted.I think if your blog have larger amount of posts it may be hard to track all post individually.We can not identify about which post is does not exist.and yet it is still popular on the web.

If you daily update your blog/website then you might be also aware about your older content and if you found some content out of date and you just delete it.

But it may possible that some of that still running and some other websites/blogs are pointing to your visitor comes they will only find "404 Error page".

This not affects your blog/website ranking but it may creates bad impression to visitor.With custom redirects you can redirect your user to your new blog post url easily.

custom redirects in

To perform this action in blogger Go to Settings>>Search Preferences and click EDIT on custom redirects.Now enter older url in source field and new url in Destination field.Click save.if you want to add more select new redirect.