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How to solve ads.txt file uploaded but still showing an error in the AdSense

If you are facing problem in Blogger regarding ads.txt error or warning in your AdSense account even after you have successfully updated it then this post is for you. In this post I will tell you how to solve AdSense warning step by step in detail. If you want to solve it then read this article carefully.


AdSense is one advertising platform which shows/serves automatic text, image, display or video ads. It is Google's service and it's rules are very strict. To earn money through AdSense we need to follow it's guideline. In Ads.txt file we need to add our publisher ID is one of its rule, otherwise it will impact bad on our earnings.

What is Ads.txt?

In Simple words it is mechanism for publishers to list their authorized digital sellers. In order to fight against fraud or misrepresented domains. This will help to protect you from unauthorized account, unknown account and fraud account ads placement on your website or blog. Ads.txt file is available for Google AdSense DoubleClick and Adx exchange. When there is a problem with Ads.txt, the banner will show in red in your AdSense account.

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You can clearly see the warning: "Earning at risk – One or more of your ads.txt files doesn't contain your AdSense publisher ID. Fix this now to avoid severe impact to your revenue." It will bad impact on your earning if you don't solve it early.

How to solve Ads.txt error on Blogger?

First you need to login to your Blogger account and go to dashboard. Then in dashboard go to Settings>Search preference. Under the monetization tab Click on edit for custom Ads.txt. Now past your code here from which file was downloaded from your AdSense account. I know up to this step you have done already!

Blogger settings for ads.txt file.

After all this still showing an error!

I did the same at first but after doing all of this I waited 2-3 days to see if warning disappears. But you know after few days passed, Ads.txt warning was still there! So I went to Google and try to find out the solution. I found one solution that in blogger if we have custom domain redirect then www and non www domain creates an issue. If you are using root level domain then you can solve the problem immediately without an issue. But If you have domain name starts with www then you need to make sure it will successfully redirect your domain from non www to www. Because by default AdSense assume your Ads.txt file in your root level domain(non www). Let me explain in practical way.

I have my web site which has two type of domain one is with www and second is non www domain.


By default AdSense assumes second domain, it should be accessible with Ads.txt file along with it. But In my case first one was working but second one was not working! Even I did custom domain redirect in my Blogger settings. Now I found the root cause of the problem.

Steps to solve custom domain redirect in blogger

Now Go to your Blogger dashboard and then go to setting and do as directed.

1) Turn Off HTTPS REDIRECT if it's already Turned On
2) Wait 2 minutes
3) Turn Off HTTPS Availability if it's already Turned On
4) Wait 5 Minutes
5) Turn off Redirect domain if it's already Turned On
6) Wait 5 Mins
7) Turn ON Redirect domain
8) Wait 5 Minutes
9) Turn ON HTTPS Availability
10) Wait 2 Mins
11) TURN ON HTTP Redirect.
Reference: Google Support 

Blogger setting for custom domain redirect.
After performing above steps verify the second domain is working as mentioned above:
yourdomain/ads.txt (without www).
Its should point to your Ads.txt file with proper redirect. In my case this solution worked! After this wait for 2-3 days to take changes in action and in your AdSense account you can see your site section will get the message Ads.txt>Authorized in green.