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How to reset video watch in amazon prime

Amazon prime video is amazing entertainment website and provides rich contents of movies, documentary and seasons. When we are watching anything on prime video it also remembers the watch history as well as video watch history. In this context video watch history is different than video history. Video watch history means I am referring to last watched time and if you are watching seasons then no of season and episode. And as video history I am referring to your search history and recommendations based on that. Video search history stored permanently and it will grow as you watch the any videos on prime.

How to reset video watch?

There is no official method to reset your video watch because when you watch the any seasons it remembers the last season, video number and time you stopped watching.

How ever there is one way to reset it is to do it manually in PC as well as on Mobile. I recommend do it on your personal computer or laptop.

1. Login to primevideo  

2. Go to the season 

3. Select season 1 episode - 1

4. Play episode one and after 3-5 second pause it 

5. After video pause on right bottom select "Next Episode"

6. repeat these steps up to end of the season.

This is the only way to reset the season episode watch history.