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Blogger SEO | Does it really exist

Blogger is most powerful and handy tool for those who want to share their opinion on the web publicly.The idea behind Blogger was simple that user can publish their article/opinion on the web as possible as EASY. We do not require to knowledge of web designing or any pro-certification for making our own website.

But now a days blogger is not use for blogging purpose.It is being used as a Professional Website. Millions of blogspot domains are registered under google.

Main reason behind this popularity of blogger is TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE.blogger allows to to put third party advertisement on your blog an when use will click it you will be get paid!!

Now i hope that you thinking about "if i will get paid but how much"? Lets assume currently we get 25-cents per click.So as per my calculation if you revive 100 click per day with daily traffic 5000 page views then  your daily earning will be $25[Not bad!!].Now you defiantly thinking about How To Increase My Website/Blog Traffic?Simple answer is Optimize your blog for search engines.In technical language SEO for blogger.

My personal experience with Blogger SEO :

I have been working with blogger for last three years.At this interval of time learnt so many thing about SEO.
So many tips and trick from professional websites and companies.Ans finally i concluded some most important factors  about blogger seo.

Factors that affects your search engine ranking:

Like H1,H3,H3,H4...etc.It is just to tell search engine about your article heading, minor heading,etc.There are so many advice available for it. By default blogger has H3 tag is set for post heading.
What seo expert says:
It should be maintain like H1,H2... respectively.
My experience:
Tags are not affected to your website ranks unless until you make critical mistakes like make all links H1. By default blogger has well structured link tags use it and Forgot about sny advance modifications.

Read more about: How to Give H3 tag for home page title links and H1 to individual post title in blogger

B.Meta Information:
Meta information tell search engine to summary of your article within 150 words.
What seo expert says:
You must write meta description in each and every pages and blog post. And also include meta keyword tag with 2 or 3 words.
My experience:
There is no problem with Google if you do not include this information. Still your website is safe. However good summery of your blogpost will help your user to decide if it relevant or not but it does not impact your optimization.

It is your article structure about words, grammar, length etc.
My experience:
Your article should contain at least 1000words. Article must be Niche. No more copy pasting. This is most important factor and it will defiantly impact your over all website reputation over search engines.

Now a days search engines are smarter then us. For example Google, the way of their structure is very advance and highly optimize. And google is used by 90% people among the world. So that you dont need to worry about Blogger SEO. Just write Unique and valuable article and update your website daily. You will automatically get good traffic.