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I'm writing this article about basic seo tips for blogger and websites.and to avoid common mistake and mentality for getting more traffic from search engines.
If You are know the basic use of google .then you know that we found our search results on first five results as our key word which we have been written on google search.

So we try to repeat our key word on our blog post or article again and again.It is vey bad thing to get keyword from search engines.

So which is the best thing to get more traffic if i don't know anything about SEO :o?

Don't worry i'll give some easy explanation about some good and effective SEO for your blog.

A. Deciding. 
Have you notice Most of the New websites/Blog  Owners use Mix contents on their website or blogs..whatever....and this is the reason that we can't get good traffic and searches.Most of the people doesn't know about which topic they publish their website?

"First thing you should know that you must decide a good and authentic topic about your website/blogs."
and do not try to use mix content or misguide visitors from your website for earning purpose.that is the reason for getting very low traffic.

B. Designing.
Many people who is new to web designing they try to make their website more attractive and uses a unmatched colors and unwanted widgets.  here is the first mistake they have done.

"Second thing you should know that try to design a very simple and clear design where visitors can read your article easily. "
I recommend you must use blogger default template for best design.

C. Writing.
Most of the people use copied article and some lines from somewhere else.that is the another reason for you are not getting any keyword from search engines.
"Solution is try to use your own word for writing articles and article must be unique."
D. Meta Information.
select the sort and sweet meta description about your website/blog.the limit is 150 characters .do not try to use key word on meta description. This is the third mistake where most people done.
Example: "A blog about social networking and web designing."
Must give Meta language information.
use good meta keywords from your content of not repet it as diffrent ways.
use this best and free keyword finding tool:

E. Modify Post title. 
For blogger users only.
This is very helpful for increasing result from search engines.

Log into the Dashboard and select the appropriate blog.
Goto Layout

Find the following code:[click on expand template]


Replace this tag with the following:

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'>

Example: you got your website from search engine.[snipped view of google search]

Before  :

Fresh Knowledge Center: SEO Tricks

tips for best seo...........


SEO Tricks.

tips for best seo.........

F. Sitemap.
generate your sitemap for
Submit your sitemap to google:
Submit your sitemap to Bing And yahoo:

G. Internal Linking.
Link Your main article to another article for better understanding for visitors.
Example: this article about seo and it will helps you to grow more visitors from google.

H.Generate Best "Custom Robots.txt" For Bloggers.|For  Getting More KEYWORD. 
First Sign In Your Blogger A/c.
Go to-Setting>>Search preference >>Custom robots.txt Now Click To EDIT.
paste the following code exactly in the box provided in Box below.[Without Dotted Line]
Sitemap: http://YOUR-BLOG-URL/feeds/posts/default?orderby=updated

User-agent:  *
Disallow: /search*
Disallow: /feeds/*
Disallow: *?*
Allow: /search/label/*
Allow: /

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
Check Your Robots.txt Click Here

[Warning! Use with caution. Incorrect use of these features can result in your blog being ignored by 'search engines'.]


I think this the enough for getting best results and traffic from search engines.

Usefull Stuff For SEO.

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