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Know why Blender,solid works and other graphic software not opening in window 10.

While working on Pc or laptops with fresh Windows installation you might be get some unknown errors which may you don't know how to solve it.Most of the errors occurs because of Device drivers or software components might not be properly installed or configured.Some of the problem in windows 8 or Windows 10 discussed below.

Blender, Solid works and other graphic software not opening in window 10.

It has been noticed that some kind of graphics related softwares are not properly launching in window 8 or 10.

Following two cases may be happen while launching it.

  1. Just cmd/black screen will open with some error and immediately disappears.
  2. Stuck on Software logo middle of the screen for infinite time!
If any one of the above cases applicable to your problem then there must be error  with some Access violation.

If you noticed then you can see this error same as shown in below image but it will immediately disappears before we read!

Error Exception_Access_violation

One possible way to solve Error Exception_Access_violation.

This type of error will occur because of graphics driver problem.You can solve it by just reset or installing proper display/Graphic drivers.

If you are on fresh installed Windows Operating system then you might forgot to install drivers or may installed some older version of drivers from CD you've got with PC, which may incompatible with latest OS.

So make sure you have properly installed graphics/video drivers or if you already done and still this error occurs the you have to again install it with latest version or just rollback it from device manager.Then restart your Pc.