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Reduce Your Animated (DOT)GIF image files online.

Gif images are most popular for animated logo and some advertisement this article I will tell you how you can manage your .gif file like resize,crop and size reducing.

Graphic interchange formate(.GIF):

Gif is stands for Graphic interchange formate .if you are trying to resize or crop gif images  it will became one steady image.if you are using Adobe Photoshop then the operation to performing resize,crop will be more complex and lengthy.and some user can not able do it by photoshop.
sample gif

So we need another option like any software or online tools.But most of time you need to pay for that.Here i m going to give you some online useful website and of course its free!

I m preferring because of its flexibility and ease of access.

How to resize GIF:

First click here and open website.then click on upload your file and select location of your click upload.As result you will get compressed your gif image.

How to crop GIF Image:

First click here and open and upload your image.Set your dimensions which you need and click crop.Done.

Change Gif image animation speed:
First click here and open and upload your image file.Set the delay time and click Load.Done

You will also find some another option like optimize,Effects etc.try it yourself and enjoy!