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Use Whatsapp on blackberry normal GPRS data plane

Owning blackberry mobile phone is really nice feeling. Major advantage of to have blackberry is STATUS and the other thing is SECURITY.Company gives you guarantee for your personal Messages security ,Viruses or any other mobile hacks/cracks.But the one thing that hurts that we can not use internet on our mobile with normal Plane.We need to recharge with special plane and that cost is nearest to any high speed broadband planes.No one like to pay this high amount for little display.So I've tried to finding out the solution and i got success.

how to use normal gprs on blackberry

Fact-As we all know that is Problem with blackberry mobile phones to use internet as normal data plan.(without top up expensive top up for blackberry BBM Planes.)

I Recently found that we can use some application on blackberry with normal GPRS data planes.
Some Indian Mobile company allowed to use whatsApp Application on all blackberry mobiles using normal GPRS Plane. 

these companies are as following,

You Can Also Use Internet on Other Brouser Like OPeraMINI.
Following Blackberry Model Are CApable to Use Normal gprs Plan with whatsapp app.

·                     BlackBerry 8800 -WhatsApp Version
·                     BlackBerry 8830 World Edition -WhatsApp Version
·                     BlackBerry Bold 9000 -WhatsApp Version
·                     BlackBerry Bold 9700 -WhatsApp Version
·                     BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 -WhatsApp Version
·                     BlackBerry Curve 8300 -WhatsApp Version
·                     BlackBerry Curve 8310 -WhatsApp Version
·                     BlackBerry Curve 8320 -WhatsApp Version
·                     BlackBerry Curve 8520 -WhatsApp Version
·                     BlackBerry Curve 8900 -WhatsApp Version
·                     BlackBerry Pearl 8100 -WhatsApp Version
·                     BlackBerry Pearl 8110 -WhatsApp Version
·                     BlackBerry Pearl 8120 -WhatsApp Version
·                     BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 -WhatsApp Version
·                     BlackBerry Storm 9500 -WhatsApp Version
·                     BlackBerry Storm 9530 -WhatsApp Version
·                     BlackBerry Torch 9800 -WhatsApp Version

Now If You Want To hack you Blackberry Mobile to permanently use normal gprs try this(Advance user only).Tested
I Just Found trick on internet and it works!!!!

This simple hack enables Blackberry default browser to use a normal internet plan instead of a costly dataplan or enables the browser for those who don't have a dataplan. All you require is to get a cheaper normal GPRS/3G plan and configure the TCP/IP option in your blackberry. This hack in no way will affect your Push-mail and messaging services and you can always revert to the previous state easily too. So the following people are benefited with this hack:

For all those using blackberry without a dataplan, they cannot access or use the default blackberry browser. Without access to the browser they wont be able to do an OTA install of apps or install the Blackberry 'AppWorld'.
In some countries, the Blackberry Dataplan is very costly. So using it to download apps and browsing will burn their pockets. These people will be benefited if they could access Browser using normal GPRS/3G plan which is way cheaper.
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