Make First letter big in your blog-post|Create Drop Caps

Whenever you read any article from News papers and magazines probably you found that there was one letter that always Bigger then other.and two three line ware wrapped around that large letter.Technically its called as Drop Caps.I hope you are  finding for make first letter big in your Blogger or WordPress blog post.

Here i m going to show you a little Css trick to make first letter large in your own blog post.This trick is only for

First go to Template >> EDIT Html >> Then press ALT+F key and find ]]></b:skin>.Then copy and past blow code as shown in Image.Click save!!

.post-body:first-letter { 
float:left; color: #000000; 

big caps for blogger.

Now after saving changes it must be look like this:

preview drop caps for blogger.

Pros and Cons for using Drop caps in your blog post:
It makes your Article eye catching and creates good impression to your readers.

Some time it will looks ugly if your blog about downloads and other topic will less amount of Word in your post.
This will only for those who writes at least 500 words per  post.

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