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How to count walking steps accurately in smartphones

 In smart phone padometer or counting walking steps application is easily available on their platform specific app store i.e On android it is called playstore. Most of the time when we think about this walking exercise we choose to purchase specific wearable exercise gadgets. i.e Expensive smart watch or fitness belt. you might not  aware that we can track and trace physical activity on smartphone like android and apple also.

In smartphone, same sensor named accelerometer and gyroscope utilized to accomplish this task.

How to position smartphone to track and trace walking steps accurately:

Smartphone position to count walking steps

1. Download application, mostly one of named "Padometer"or "StepCounter on your smartphone.

2. First manually count(counting without smartphone) max 100 steps walking distance for calibration.

3. Now turn on the application.

4. In most of the application go to settings and set the sensory sensitivity to nearest to 50%

5. Hold perfect tight your phone on your hand as shown in image. It should not be moved or tilted while walking.

5. Now start application and start walking up to 100 steps which you have counted manually.

6. After finish 100 steps walking check your smart phone for count accuracy. It should be maximum +=20 steps. For example you should get 80 or 120 steps.

7. If you are not getting +-20 steps accuracy then go to application setting and set sensor sensitivity to maximum or 100%

8. Repeat step 5.

9. Again check for accuracy

10. If you are getting perfect counting then congratulation you got the real "Smartphone"!

There is one interesting thing about counting walking steps using mobile phones is that if you successfully calibrated your smartphone then it will give highest counting accuracy compared to smart-watches and fitness belts. Because of accelerometer sensor and phones size and hold position and walking hand movements it is possible to get maximum counting accuracy.