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Metal Forming Mechanics and Metallurgy by M. Caddell & W. Hosford | EBook

This book helps the engineer perceive the principles of metal forming and analyze forming issues -each the mechanics of forming processes and the way the properties of metals act with the processes. during this fourth edition, a whole chapter has been dedicated to forming limit diagrams and numerous aspects of stamping and another on alternative sheet forming operations. Sheet testing is roofed in a very separate chapter. Coverage of sheet properties has been dilated.fascinating end-of-chapter notes are additional throughout, in addition as references. quite two hundred end-of-chapter issues also are enclosed.

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Metal Forming: Mechanics and Metallurgy by Robert M. Caddell and William f Hosford

Ebook of Metal Forming: Mechanics and Metallurgy by Robert M. Caddell and William f Hosford

About Book

Title       :Metal Forming: Mechanics and Metallurgy
Authors  :William F. Hosford, Robert M. Caddell
Edition   :4, revised
Publisher:Cambridge University Press, 2011
ISBN      :113949743X, 9781139497435
Subjects  :Science / Mechanics / Solids
Technology & Engineering / General
Technology & Engineering / Manufacturing
Technology & Engineering / Materials Science


1 Stress and Strain 1
2 Plasticity 17
3 Strain Hardening 30
4 Plastic Instability 43
5 Temperature and StrainRate Dependence 52
6 Work Balance 76
7 Slab Analysis 85
8 Friction and Lubrication 106
13 Bending 199
14 Plastic Anisotropy 212
15 Cupping Redrawing and Ironing 225
16 Forming Limit Diagrams 245
17 Stamping 263
18 Hydroforming 277
19 Other Sheet Forming Operations 28
20 Formability Tests 294
9 UpperBound Analysis 113
10 SlipLine Field Analysis 132
11 DeformationZone Geometry 167
12 Formability 186
21 Sheet Metal Properties 304
Index 327

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