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Vivo X5Pro smartphone comming with 32MP camera and Retina scanner.

As we look at continuously growing Smartphone industries then it looks like they are trying to fulfill people’s need at any way, any coast. In couple of past years the camera of smart phone is not much important then features, but now game is completely changed. As growth of social networking people are more conscious about photos taken with his/her Smartphone. Camera feature is now highly recommended with any new launched smart phones, and that’s why now technology is improving in form of Mega-Pixel both front and back. Here is one of the best example given

Vivo 5X Pro features:

Vivo x5 Pro-0

  • Front facing Camera    : 32 Mega-Pixel.
  • Processor                      : Snap dragon 615 Octa-core
  • Battery                          : 3500mAh.
  • RAM                             : 3GB.
  • OS                                 : Android Lolliop 5.0.
  • Display                          : 6 Inch Full HD

Vivo X5Pro


Vivo 5X Pro comes along with High powered latest CPU Snap Dragon 615 with 8-active cores. This processor gives latest 64-bit mobile computing with integrated Adreno 405 graphics. Phone has 3GB of RAM to improve performance and gives lag free Application ability.

Vivo x5 Pro-1


As the phone has 3500mAh battery that will probably gives you 3.5-4 Hours on screen battery backup. This one is interesting that company has been focused on battery as well.

Vivo x5 Pro-2


Phone has 6” Full HD 1080P display that will gives outstanding performance for reading texts and watching videos.


The front facing camera of this phone is 32 MP! That will gives you sharp, detailed, and high quality selfy photos.

Vivo x5 Pro-3

Security with Retina scanner:

Vivo X5 pro-retia scanner

Vivo x5 Pro-4

Vivo X5 pro has latest security Retina sensor scanner that will read the users eye pattern and use as better security option. As compare to fingerprint scanner this will looks like more flexible and high-tech as well!