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Analysis of casting defects by AFS | Free Ebook

This book describes and illustrates 31 of the most common types of defects in metal castings, then cites causes and cures. Defects examined include dross segregations; cuts or washes; inclusions; erosion scabs; expansion defects; gas defects; hard spots, chilled spots; hot tears; mass hardness; metal penetration; misruns and cold shuts; runouts and bleeders; to name a few.

Analysis of Casting Defects by American Foundry Society

Analysis of Casting Defects by American Foundry Society
Front Cover

Analysis of Casting Defects by American Foundry Society-1
back cover

Bibliographic information

Publisher:                   American Foundry Society
Cover:                        Softcover, 8.5 x 11
Number of pages:      140 pages
ISBN:                         978-0-87433-004-5

Contents of E-Book:

  1. Chapter Page 1 Introduction -1
  2. Broken or Cracked Castings -3
  3. Carbon Flotation Kish and Other Gross Segregations -6
  4. Crushes PushUps and ClampOffs -9
  5. Cuts or Washes -13
  6. Dirt Slag and Other Inclusions- 16
  7. 7Drops- 23
  8. Erosion Scab -28
  9. Expansion Defects- 32
  10. 10Fusion- 38
  11. Gas Defects-42
  12. Hard Spots Hard Areas and Chilled Spots-52
  13. 13 Hot Tears-56
  14. 14 Inverse Chills-59
  15. Mass Hardness-61
  16. Metal Penetration-63
  17. Metal Penetration in Dense Molds-70
  18. 18Misruns and Cold Shuts-74
  19. Off Dimension Related to Cores-80
  20. Open Grain Structure-83
  21. Poured Short-87
  22. Ramoff or Ramaway-88
  23. Rough Surface-90
  24. Runouts and Bleeders-95
  25. Scars Seams Plates -100
  26. Shifts also Core Raise -104
  27. Shot Metal or Cold Shots -108
  28. Shrinkage Cavities and Depressions Ill 29 Stickers- 117
  29. Swells Fins Strains Sags and Core Fins -120
  30. 31Warped Castings -125
  31. Index -129
  32. Copyright.
This is book contain very powerful information about casting will more helpful for students of mechanical engineering and for those who pursuing masters/PH-D in casting technology.

The book has been written by American Foundry Society, so all the parameter or information is standard and applicable to almost all casting materials.

In this book all the causes of casting defects and the remedies were beautifully covered with practical example with help of Images.

Download  Free E-book of Analysis of casting defects by AFS:


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