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Blogger Search Engine Optimization for Pioneers

No one can teach you 100% about SEO because It's a personal secrete of search engines.But it's not like that to totally forgot  it.You need some primary information that can helps you and your websites to rank well.Since the world wide web(WWW) started SEO was borne with the creation of world's first search engine.At that time people used  direct URL to reach individual websites.But it was created a problem to lazy people like me!Because no one like to type that Lengthy and syntax based URL every time.  And that is why some one got the idea to create one single website that consist all the information of all the website form all over the world.

Now a days there are more than 3 Millions of websites are running including huge amount of articles,Images,Videos.And it's big deal for search engines to provide niche information to their user from  typed single world called as KEYWORD.

How Do they Do it?

Every search engines are based on on computer program or in other word Algorithm.This  Algorithm designed by computer engineers and its secret thing Too.These Algorithm can manage the search engine database according to scientific way.And provides search result according to user's query.

Lets understand it in simple way.

When user search any word search engine provides some result which consist that words.Let assume that you  are searching for "DOG"and therefore search engine shows all the website that consist word DOG.

But the most important task is to give best results to user form the millions of websites.For doing this they uses to identify the website reputation in different way and gives the rank to every website for individual keyword.

Search engine provides Rank to millions of website in every day | How?

For doing this they just scan the all the websites Including all URLs.In technical words its called as "crawling". and identify the the webpages according to user query.and the website which show on first page gets the more traffic.Before ranking the websites, search engine looks for following matters.

  • Words
  • Titles
  • Links
  • Word in Link
  • Reputation

To get more detailed information take little time to watch this video.