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How to Use Eye-Fi of Digital camera to share photos with Mobile without Wi-fi.

We know that if you go to your friends birthday party and capture the photos of that  great moments with your Digital camera.after if you want to share that picture with friends you need to some sticky data cables or internet connection or Wi-fi. But amazing thing  is that Some of Digital Camera not able to share photo without data cable.!!
So that the question is How to share Digital camera photos with your  Smart phone without Bluetooth ,Wi-Fi or internet?
Answer is simple let use Eye-Fi technology to share your photos of Digital camera to any Smartphone directly.

So How to use Eye-fi?
Now days Most of new Digital cameras comes with Built in Eye-Fi feature.
Well there is no external hardware or cable or connection needed for Eye-fi. Just install Eye-fi app on your android smartphone or i-Phone with wifi enable.Once paired, the card transfers photos & videos whenever new content is detected by your device. And, once the transfer completes, the card disconnects its WiFi to save your battery.
You can onle use Eye-fi with Eye-fi enable Memory card.Eye-fi memory card available for 8GB,16GB, and 32GB.