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Digital Image Processing-Simplified.

Digital image processing is a very interesting area of science. However, unlike many other areas of computer science, this branch of science very firmly based on its applicability, which it therefore makes them interesting., in practice we encounter a number of problems which we would like to solve. Whether the automated security guards, or simplified processing rentgenovyh images, in almost every area of practice in a certain manner can deploy equipment: digital image processing and not generally corresponding means of computer vision. It is therefore possible to design software solutions that bring its users - new features (for example, automated surveillance of multiple objects at once using a system of wi-fi camera and special software solution) - optimize existing activities (eg automatic search of Vashti defective products) - reduces the cost human resources and thus exhibit a high return on investment. It is obvious that this whole area is very interesting not only from a scientific but also from a commercial point of view. Therefore it makes sense at least in part to explore the area and get to know the basic means by which it is based.That's what you try on this exercise.