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Aspect-oriented programming.

In software engineering, the programming paradigm of aspect-oriented programming (AOP), also called aspect-oriented software development (AOSD), attempts to aid programmers in the separation of concerns, or the breaking down of a program into distinct parts that overlap in functionality as little as possible.

Hash function.
A hash function or hash algorithm is a function for examining the input data and producing an output hash value.The process of computing such a value is known as hashing.

Object-oriented programming.
In computer science, object-oriented programming, OOP for short, is a computer programming paradigm.The idea behind object-oriented programming is that a computer program may be seen as composed of a collection of individual units, or objects, that act on each other, as opposed to a traditional view in which a program may be seen as a collection of functions or procedures, or simply as a list of instructions to the computer.

Computational genomics
Computational genomics is the study of deciphering biology from genome sequences using computational analysis, including both DNA and RNA.Computational genomics includes: bio-sequence analysis, gene expression data analysis, phylogenetic analysis, and more specifically pattern recognition and analysis problems such as gene finding, motif finding, gene function prediction, fusion of sequence and expression information, and evolutionary models.