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Desktopx download free

Everybody who uses a computer customizes his or her desktop to some degree. With DesktopX you can mold your work space any way you like. Chock-full of themes, icon manipulators, and simple programs, DesktopX gives you an unlimited number of choices to freak out your desktop.
The most unique feature of DesktopX is its ability to create and run simple programs, called objects, on your desktop. The default installation includes a variety of objects, such as a CNN Headline News ticker, an analog clock, and a simple MP3 player. You can easily download more objects. Interesting icon tweaks include expansion to just smaller than giant, as well as a feature that makes icons grow when you mouse over them. We like the themes, which provide a unique collection of objects, background images, and other tweaks that can switch your style in one swoop. All told, DesktopX offers extensive tools for redesigning your desktop.