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Far Manager Tutorial/Guide

You can upload files to phone’s FS using Far Manager
you can edit files in phone’s file system
you also can delete files from phone’s file system using FAR manager
in case you wanted to delete flash menu or walkman skins then FAR Manager is the way to go. Because FSX deletion can be really cumbersome. Instead using FAR manger u can select the skin folder and press delete or select a file and delete !
Here i assume you have used programs like XS++ and have already made a gdfs backup and also installed usb flash drivers.
Start FAR Manager
Press Alt+F1 and choose SEFP

Take DCU-60 in Device, 921600 in Speed and Your’s CID in Boot script. and choose db2020 CID 52. IF Your phone is CID51 and DB2020 then choose db2020_51 or if its CID49 or then db2020_49.

HIT Enter The Matrix !
Connect Phone holding C.. don’t leave C

Wait ! Phone Detected … Wait for few second .. Leave C.
Now it will read phone file FS.. will take a minute

Then you get this
Select FS ! and Hit enter !! 
( don’t select FLASH )

Then You get this directory Structure.. !! 

Pressing Alt+F2 lets you choose what device you want to see on the right hand side
You can choose C: or D: and copy necessary files like Flash menu and skins ! etc

Now Goto Appropriate places and make necessary changes !!
like editing files and deleting files and also uploading files like flash menu and skins !!!
To upload Acoustics Go To correct Directory and drag and drop files from computer to phone !
ifs/settings/acoustic/ >> Acoustics file
ifs/settings/camera/ >> Camera driver
ifs/settings/display/ >> Display driver
tpa/preset/system/desktop/flash >> flash menus
tpa/system/layout/ >> layout.xml
tpa/system/mutlitmedia/mp/skin >> Walkman 2 skins
tpa/system/preset/multimedia/pe >> frames , clipart etc
tpa/system/preset/multimedia/av >> visualizations
tpa/user >> stock pics and themes…
tpa/preset/system/settings >> startup and shutdown screens !
tpa/preset/system/sound >> all sound files
tpa/preset/system/menu >> the famous
tpa/preset/system/fonts >> fonts !
tpa/preset/system/language >> language files (.t9 and .lng)
Note on language >> add more languages .t9 and .lng (first delete all setting files put the language files, leave other .t9 and .lng files. when you restart phone new setting files will be created)
When you’ve finished with the changes on the phone move up to the root of the filesystem, until you get this screen:

Exit FAR .. Reinsert Battery and Start phone !
I have tested this.. it works very fine for any db2020 CID 52 phones
your phone will be detected as k800 but don’t worry..!