A thought on youtube automatic video transfer to another channel

When I, first started my channel, I had no idea that one day it might be useful to monetize it. So as an enthusiastic I just created many HowTo tutorials and just uploaded without thinking about subscribers or likes. But as of now it matters, so channel separation was essential to make videos available to targeted groups of people. But one of the older method was to create entire new Gmail-email address and new channel!


Brand account: Create channel with business or other names

But Now Google officially supports multiple channels within same login. So recently, I made a new channel from the same account formally known as “Brand account”. What is does, it allows user to make a new channel without changing the Email address.

You can make up to 50 different YouTube channels within the same Email ID. Now I wanted to make automatic videos transfer, one to another by just switching channels.

Here is the illustration of my Idea in below image:




One method was to just re-upload the videos and delete the older ones. But I don’t have some of very older videos, so I can re-upload.

Downloading the videos from my own list and re-upload them might do the trick but as we know YouTube optimizes the videos in a cost of Quality. So every time you Download and re-upload it will become worst.

But look at this below image, YouTube officially declared that you can’t do Automatic video transfer in any manner. This is not someyhing we expected but we can’t do anything about it. 




So, I guess Downloading original and Re-upload is the only left choice.

And My subscribers, likes and comments?

Well, when you use word DIFFERENT channel, you lose all those information, no matter how hard you try there are no ways to transfer those along with the videos.

You can only organize your channel by content category and start from the zero, many people do one trick is to notify your subscriber with notice on you older channel and tell them to subscribe to new one.

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